Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Bamboo Brush Pot with Scenic Carvings
Large, rectangular brush pot made from a dark bamboo wood. Each of its four sides has a large panel, carved skilfully with beautiful scenery. Adult and children figures are carved performing similar tasks, such as fishing over a bridge, with grass huts, rugged rock formations, large exotic trees bearing fruit, and beautiful architecture becoming the main focus of each panel. Each side is separated by a thin corner panel, carved with two serpents or dragons with vine-like bodies. Carved signature... Click for details
item #1256955
Chinese Monochrome Peking Glass Container with Children
Chinese monochrome peking glass container in a nice shade of yellow with adorable carvings of small children playing along its sides. The top of the lid has a nice large rounded carving of Chinese characters, and the bottom has a carved mark, 20th century. Size: 2.75" height, 4" diameter
item #1256672
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Chinese Jadeite Carving of Buddha's Hand Citron
Chinese jadeite carving of a Buddha's hand citron fruit, with its tendril "fingers" curling inwards. Small areas of orange jade, with a small carved hole at its top for hanging as a pendant. Size: 2.25" length, 1.5" width, 1" thick
item #1256664
Japanese Print of Embossed Tree by Haku Maki
Japanese print by sosaku-hanga artist Haku Maki (1924-2000), titled "Work 74-7". It shows the profile of a tree with many long, twisting branches in a beautiful navy blue color against a metallic silver background. The outlines of the tree are embossed, giving it more depth and contrast. Numbered 83/153 and signed in pencil, with Maki's red signature stamp in the corner. Framed. Size: (entire frame) 11.75: height, 9.5" width (artwork only) 8.5" height, 6.25" width
item #1256639
Japanese Woodblock "Rooster and Hen"
Beautiful Japanese woodblock of a large-crested rooster seated beside a hen with dark brown feathers, who appears to be observing insects in the grass. Stamped and signed by artist "Unkyo". Showa period circa 1930s SIze: (entire frame) 22.75" height, 16.5" width (artwork only) 14.5" height, 9.75" width
item #1256565
"Junkboat Musicians" Print by Hon Chew Hee
Chinese serigraph print on rice paper by artist Hon Chew Hee (1906-1993) titled "Junkboat Musicians". Hee was a Hawaiian born artist who went to China at the age of 14 to study Chinese brush painting. Titled and signed in pencil at the bottom, #24/26. It is set behind a glass frame. Size: (entire frame) 29" height, 23.4" width (artwork only) 22" height, 16.5" width
item #1256563
Chinese Antique Hardwood Opium Tray
Chinese antique rectangular opium tray made of beautiful hardwood and inlaid with mother of pearl, carved with flowers and fruit, five little holes for tools, nice dark grain, mid 19th century. Size: 3 1/4" high x 15 3/4" long x 12 1/2" wide
item #1256562
Chinese Crackle Glaze Porcelain Quan Yin
Chinese crackle glaze porcelain statue of a seated Quan Yi, the bodhisattva of compassion. She holds her hands clasped in prayer or meditation and wears long, white robes with a hood pulled over her head. She is seated upon a blue-green glazed pedestal with deep blue and red flecking. She comes with an elegantly carved and pierced hardwood stand, 19th century. Size: (on stand) 8" height, 4" width (porcelain only) 6.5" height, 3.5" width
item #1256561
Pair of Chinese Enamel Vases with Scenes of Nature
Beautiful set of two (2) Chinese enamel vases with hexagonal shaped bodies, decorated with pink and blue flowers with twisting vines over a pastel yellow background. Each of the six sides has a large white panel with paintings of various scenes from nature, including: a pair of sparrows and a pair of cranes sitting upon tree branches, a wild horse and deer trotting along a riverbed, a flute playing figure in red and yellow clothing riding upon the back of an ox, a pair of cicadas buzzing about a... Click for details
item #1256513
Japanese Woodblock Print "Then Zen" by C. Karhu
Japanese print titled "Then Zen" by artist Clifton Karhu (1927-2007) depicting the Laughing Buddha Bodai within an ensō, a Zen Buddhist symbol representing enlightenment as well as the simplicity and elegance of Japanese aesthetics. Bodai sits cross-legged and balances a red sake bowl on his head. The words "nip, sip, dip", "swish", and "then zen" are stylistically written outside of the ensō. Red signature marks and large Japanese characters at written on the right side of the print.... Click for details
item #1256302
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