Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Burmese Antique Burmese Guilt bronze sitting Buddha
This antique burmese buddha is made of guilt bronze and seated on rows of 100 small buddhas. The distinct mudra hand gesture of the buddha is touching the ground with one hand, dispelling the evil forces of the deity Mara. A unique 18/19th century piece, this buddha has a powerful yet peaceful countenance. Height: 13.5 in Base Length: 12.5in. Base width: 6 in.
item #1260028
Japanese Original Lacquered Chestnut Ko Tansu
Antique Japanese Ko Tansu made from a deep red chestnut wood (Kuri), with a black lacquered front frame, three large drawers with iron hirute handles mounted on carved backplates and a large center iron lockplate with pierced heart designs, and two small side drawers with kan (ring) pulls on flower shaped backplates.

Meiji Period (1868 - 1912)

Size: 21" height 24.5" width 14.5" depth
item #1260015
Chinese Large Double-Sided Chest with Lacquer Interior
Beautiful and unusual chest from China with a very interesting, highly figured hardwood with warm brownish tones. The chest is one solid piece with four drawers running along its top front and two sets of hinged doors on its bottom, with brass hinges and lockplates. The interior of the chest has been coated with blue and red lacquer. The chest stands on six legs, three in front and three in back. Very roomy. Size: 37" height, 74.5" width, 24.5" deprh
item #1259936
Japanese Keyaki Two-Section Todana Tansu
Beautiful contemporary Japanese todana tansu (shelf chest) with two sections, made from a very light keyaki wood with a nice smooth finish and attractive grain. It has two large sliding doors with open wood panes and interior shelving, two smaller sliding doors below with horizontal slats, and two sliding drawers with hirute shaped handles. Size: 74.75" height, 34.75" width, 17.75" depth
item #1259929
Antique Japanese Two-Section Kiri Unique Tansu
Beautiful, yet unusual two-section tansu from the Nigata region of Japan, made from kiri wood. Reddish brown lacquer has been applied to its hardware to give it a very nice contrast to the woodgrain. It has four large drawers with gunbai style iron handles mounted upon pierced and stylized mounts, with a large fan-shaped lockplate in its center, pierced hardware along the front frame between each drawer, and quarter-circle hardware in the drawer corners. Meiji period (1867-1912) SIze: 41.75"... Click for details
item #1259683
Chinese Hardwood Chair with Elaborate Carvings
Gorgeous Chinese hardwood chair/throne with carved and pierced dragons as armrests, pierced and carved back with smoke clouds around two dragons on either side of a large, solid central carving of robed noblemen and women standing upon a bridge, with interesting plant life around them. Two posts with squared spiral carvings sits on either side of the back, topped with a small carved guardian lion/foo dog holding a xiu qiu ball. The bottom of the seat is bordered with carved panels depicting... Click for details
item #1259663
Pair of Chinese Hardwood Chairs with Detailed Carvings
Set of two (2) Chinese hardwood chairs, each with a beautifully carved back featuring a central solid carving within a clover-shape of high-class men and women wearing long-sleeved robes with a background of beautiful structures and plant life. Supporting the central carving at the base are three small children; One middle child crouches low whilst holding a scroll painting, with two children at his sides holding branches. Above the central carving are two large dragons with carved and pierced... Click for details
item #1259653
Chinese Hardwood Bench with Highly Intricate Carvings
Chinese hardwood bench with breathtakingly detailed carvings all around. The entire back is gorgeously carved and piercing with balls of smoke surrounding two large dragons on either side of a solid central carving featuring robed noblemen and women and men carrying objects amongst trees and structures. Below the central carving is an upside down lucky bat clutching a coin. Either side of the back has a rectangular post, carved with squared spiral designs, and topped with a small fu-dog playing... Click for details
item #1259596
Antique Chinese Bronze Hanging Bell with Phoenixes
Antique Chinese bronze hanging bell with beautiful casting and patina. It hangs by a hook shaped as a two-headed serpent, and its sides are decorated with phoenixes (fenghuang in Chinese, ho-o in Japanese) flying with their head downwards and their long, beautiful tail feathers floating up and over their bodies. The phoenix is a bird of the Sun, so a small Sun adorns two sides of the bell, along with curling motif running along the bottom. Size: 6.5" height, 4.75" width
item #1259576
Chinese Antique Pair of Small Cloisonne Vases
Chinese antique pair of small cloisonne vases, beautiful details, intricately decorated with flowers and scrolling vines on a light blue ground, early 20th century. Size: 5" high each
item #1259575
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