Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Carved Jadeite Pendant with 14K Gold
Chinese jadeite pendant, carved into the form of a butterfly with pierced symbols in its wings and pierced filigree. It is mounted in 14K gold, with gold branches and leaves hanging over its top. Size: 2.25" width, 1.5" height
item #1262154
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Antique Chinese Hardwood Chair with Jade Inlay
Antique Chinese rosewood chair with ornately carved panels running along its front and sides, within both arms, and in the chair's back, depicting squared spirals and dragons' heads. The chair's backrest is carved with a wicker pattern, and has three inlaid pieces of carved jade in the forms of a vase filled with feathers and branches, a box on four legs, and a lion-like beast with a long, raised tail and mane, seated upon a rock formation or stand. The backside of the backrest is carved with a... Click for details
item #1261735
Antique Japanese Keyaki Tansu with Kiri Leaf Motif
Antique Japanese single section tansu with a lacquered keyaki front and top, black lacquered sides and front frame. It has round iron lockplates, decorated with a large kiri leaf, warabite handles, and a side lockbox. Size: 35" height, 42" width, 16.5" depth
item #1261628
Japanese Antique Gagaku Style Demon Mask
Attention-getting Japanese paper mache demon face mask. Has a devious grin, large bulbous nose, with fanged gold teeth. Face is black with red and gold highlights, making features stand out and gives an amusing yet intriguing look. Contains holes in ears of mask with cloth netting running behind face. Paper inscription on back is a description of this unique character. Taisho Period-Circa 1900 Dimensions: 17" High X 13.5" Across
item #1261514
Chinese Monochrome Porcelain Vase
Chinese porcelain monochrome vase with a muted green glaze, a long neck in the form of a bamboo shoot, widened body narrowing towards the bottom. Celadon blue mark within double rings. Size: 11" height, 4.5" width
item #1261505
Pair of Vintage Fu Dog and Flower Peking Glass Vases
Beautiful decorative vintage pair of fu dog and flower glass vases. White background is styled in cloud like waves, with red overly. Fu dogs on each vase, are standing on a cloud, neck arched up looking at the sun, and a floating buddhist sutra box. A peony and lotus flower, grace both vases in red, and swirly clouds hang up above. Bottom of vases are encircled with red clouds. Chinese markings are on white part of vase, as well as a mark on the red covered bottoms. Dimensions: 11.75" High X... Click for details
item #1261357
Chinese Antique Hardwood Carved Table
Antique Chinese hardwood table, intricately carved all over with swirling lingzhi mushrooms, beautiful dark hardwood, very heavy and solid, Republic Period. Size: 33" high x 64 3/4" long x 25 3/4" deep.
item #1261346
Vintage Chinese Peking Glass Brush Holder
Vintage Chinese peking glass brush pot, with a white glass base and bright apple green glass overlay. The white base is carved with fan-shapes or arches. The green overlaid glass has been carved away into auspicious motifs including a small chimera/beast, breathing flames onto an overhead flying lucky bat, various potted plants and viewing stones, and a thick ring around the pot's upper and bottom ends. Qianlong mark carved into bottom, dated 20th century Size: 6.25" height, 6" width
item #1261320
Antique Japanese Bronze Vase
Antique Japanese bronze vase with a rectangular form, a raised horizontal line running along its very middle with the image of a taotie motif (jawless face/ogre). It has long, slender side handles curling at the bottom and forming into a face at its very top and its neck and base are fluted outwards. Meiji period (1868-1912) Size: 11" height, 5" width
item #1260870
Chinese Huanghuali Carved Stand
Chinese carved stand made from huanghuali wood, with carved and pierced bottom edges in a simple, flowing design, with circular central carving in the front and back center, and legs carved to appear as clawed feet. Has a beautiful, shining grain with eye-catching contrast. Size: 3.25" height, 8" length, 5" width
item #1260866
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