Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Edo Age Kiri Tansu
Japanese antique tansu chest for storage of paper, made of kiri (paulownia) wood, nine drawers of different sizes (3 long, 3 medium, and 3 small), iron hardware with warabite shaped drawer pulls, two of the smaller drawers have lock plates, wonderful side hardware with handles for carrying, kiri wood has nice grain and beautiful natural over all patina, Late Edo Period (c1850) Size: 28 1/4" high x 44 1/4" wide x 16 3/4" deep.
item #1260142
Chinese Inkstone with Hardwood Box
Used antique Chinese inkstone with a carving of a peach at its most shallow point. Peaches are said to be heavenly fruit that promote longevity. It comes within a dark hardwood box with a beautiful shine. Size: (entire box) 4.5" length, 3.25" width, 1.25" thickness (inkstone only) 4" length, 3" width, .25" thickness
item #1260140
Chinese Porcelain Figure of Budai
Chinese enamel porcelain figurine of Budai, or the Laughing Buddha. He sits in a royal ease position, sporting his usual jolly facial expression, and holds a string of prayer beads in his right band over his belly, with his cloth sack in his left hand, in which he is said to reside. He wears yellow and green robes with blue, green, and red floral patterns, lined in red. His head is very articulated with pierced nostril and ear holes and mouth. The bottom of the figurine bears the mark "Zeng... Click for details
item #1260135
Japanese Antique Abumi Horse Riding Stirrups
Pair of beautiful iron Abumi (horse riding stirrups). Gorgeous imprinted geometrical flower design all over iron, contrasted with red lacquered foot areas, from Edo period (18th century) . The black may be Shakudo, copper and gold. Dimensions: Height: 10in X 10in wide
item #1260128
Antique Chinese Bronze Tea Kettle with Dragons
Chinese bronze tea kettle, Its body decorated with raised dragons within beautifully shaped borders. Its spout has the form of a dragon's head with a ball in its mouth, with a nice green patina formed around the opening. Its handle has the form of a dragon's body, its tail and neck curled inwards, and the lid has a cute dragon with spindly legs within a triquetra shape, decorated with raised designs. Marked on the bottom of the kettle. Early 20th century. Size: (with handle standing up) 8"... Click for details
item #1260119
Vintage Chinese Tomb Horse
Gorgeous vintage pottery replica of a sui dynasty tomb horse. Horse has a commanding and powerful presence as if going off to battle in a fiery. Standing on a rectangular base, with three legs planted, and one slightly lifted, giving motion and life to the piece. The face and body are both fierce and expressive yet modeling a poised and elegant arched neck. The overall look of the horse is extremely pleasing to the eye and decorative.

Dimensions : 17" L x 5.5" D x 17" H
item #1260117
Antique Japanese Tea kettle Tetsubin
Beautiful Antique Japanese tea kettle. Made in iron, there are vertical striations down the sides of kettle overlayed with bunches of grapes and vines, as well as flying birds. The guard shape of the kettle and handle symbolizes the seasonal autumn months and harvest. The kettle lid models a bronze red two toned beautifully lacquered glazing. Flower like details in bronze circle the top of lid. Inscription inside lid reads Ryubundo, the noted studio produced iron tea kettles. From Meiji... Click for details
item #1260049
Japanese Antique Pair of Inlaid Abumi (Stirrups)
Pair of Japanese antique abumi (horse riding stirrups), made of iron with silver inlay all over in beautiful designs of vines and leaves, the bottom of each stirrup is decorated with a bamboo motif, the foot areas are lacquered black, each abumi is inlaid with writing: Kaga Ishikawa Prefecture, Mori Hei Saku (artist's name and "signed by") lived in Komaki. Edo Period (18th century). Size of each: 9 1/2" high x 11 1/2" long x 5" wide.
item #1260048
Antique bronze Japanese Hibachi
Antique bronze Japanese hibachi displays eight beautiful panels of scholars in tranquil traditional garden scenes. Two fu dog faces are displayed to grab as handles Raised cartouche signing characteristically on bottom of hibachi reads "Shoryu" This piece is from the Meiji period. (1868) Height: 7 in. Width 8 in.
item #1260041
Antique bronze Japanese Hibachi
Antique Japanese bronze hibachi. Displays eight unique panels of scholars in beautiful traditional garden scenes. Two fu dogs are displayed as handles on sides of hibachi. Raised cartouche signing on bottom reading "Shoryu" Meiji period (1868) Height: 7 in. Width: 8in.
item #1260037
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