Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Celadon Brush Holder
A splendid Chinese celadon brush holder formed in the style of a scholar rock. The crackled glaze along with the celadon is a classical style that began during the Song dynasty and became popular among the ruling elite. A mark is found on the bottom of the pot reading, Jingxiu tang zhi which is the studio that made the piece. Age: 18th/19th century Size: Length 4" Width 3" Height 4.6"
item #1235882
Antique Chinese Porcelain Brush Washer
An antique Chinese porcelain water coup glazed in a baby blue hued glaze. The bottom of the coup contains an inscription reading: Da Qing Guanxu Nianxin or Produced During the Reign of Emperor Guangxu , age 1875-1908. Size: Diameter 4" Height 1.3"
item #1235881
Chinese Jade Horse and Monkey Carving
A splendid Chinese jade carving of a monkey riding a horse. The motif of a monkey riding a horse is often seen in East Asian art as an auspicious motif bringing fortune. Age: 19th/20th century Size: Length 2.5" Width 1.5" Height 2.3"
item #1235880
Antique Chinese Jade Carving of Bird
An antique small Chinese jade carving depicting a bird set near some vegetation. Below the vegetation, there is a small animal hiding underneath. Provadance Laurence Friedman Collection, Age: 19th century Size: Length 1.8" Width 1.3" Height 1"
item #1235879
Antique Chinese Jade Small Box
A wonderful and detailed antique Chinese box with a detailed Jade carving with motifs of melons and the character of happiness set in the middle. These motifs are auspicious motifs often seen in Chinese art. Provanance: Laurence Friedman Collection, 18th/19th century Size: Length 2.6"Width 2.25" Height 1.2"
item #1235873
Antique Chinese Jade Scholar Rock
A fascinating Chinese Jade scholar rock. The rock has the appearance of scrolling clouds or natural moss or lichen found in a forest. Often scholar objects reflect details from nature and would incorporate them in their study. Provenance Laurence Friedman Collection purchased from Ex Fu Ming Fair Co. out of Pa, during the 1980's, Age: 19th century. Size: Length 4" Width 2.75" Height 1.3"
item #1235869
Antique Chinese Jade Water Coup
A refined Chinese Jade water coup. The water coup is carved in the form of a banana leaf, which is a popular motif in Chinese literati culture. The wooden stand is carved with motifs of ling bi like rocks, pine, bamboo, and other flora as if the coup was in a natural setting.Provenance:Laurence Friedman Collection, Age 19th century Size: Length 5.5" Width 2" Height 2"
item #1235847
Antique Japanese Boxwood Persimmon Netsuke
Antique Japanese Boxwood Persimmon and Chestnut Netsuke, these edible objects arranged together are the charming symbols of the fall season. This bibelot has a softly rubbed and smoothed surface and it's himatoshi has unequally sized holes. Size 1.25"High x 1.25" Wide, Edo Period, circa pre 1850s.
item #1234957
Chinese Carved Agate Buddha's Hand
Chinese Agate Carving with cream and orange colored stone of a citron and a scrolling tendril wrapped around it, carved from a triangular piece of pebble.20th century, Size: 2.5" Long x 1" Wide
item #1234956
Chinese Agate Monkeys and Peaches Toggle Carving
Lovely cream and orange colored toggle carving with an interesting triangular shape of a pair of monkeys clinging to peaches attached by a branch and leaves with hole for a toggle string. Size: 1.5" Long x 1.25" High
item #1234954
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