Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Hardwood Two Section Stand
Two Sectioned hardwood Chinese Stand. Finely carved and beautiful with oriental designs along sides and bottom of stand. Functional two tiers are pedestaled in square shapes. Circa 19th Century Dimensions: 11.5" Long, 5.5" High, 5" in Width
item #1266826
Antique Japanese Natural Burl Wood Stand
Thick and natural burl wood stand. Knots and gnarls all over sides with one hole. Natural and light lovely strains of wood. Stand is carved characteristically with part of branch attached. Meiji Period (1868-1912) Dimensions: 15" Long X 12" Wide
item #1266816
Antique Japanese Bronze Vase
Antique Japanese bronze vase with a wood-like pattern, large areas of deep red pigment, and a stout mouth with inner ridges. Taisho period (1912-1925) Size: 11.5" height, 9" width
item #1266791
Antique Japanese Burl Wood Ikebana Tray
Wonderfully carved antique suiban burl wood tray. This all one, solid hardwood piece is in great condition and has a lacquered shiny middle. Outside of tray displays its natural wood with gorgeous gnarls and ridges. Meiji Period (1868-1912) Dimensions: 18" in Length X 12.75" Width at Middle
item #1266783
Antique Japanese Bronze Vase with Box
Small Antique Japanese vase. Mottled brown patina with variation in color. Shiny finish. Marked on bottom and beautiful condition. Vase comes with own wooden box with japanese inscriptions.

Taisho period

Dimensions: 7.5" Tall X 4" Diameter at base
item #1266694
Japanese Bronze Vase with Incised Peony and Box
Japanese bronze vase of a pear form, with a narrow, ridged rim, and applied green pigment to enhance the patina. Its front bears a large incised peony with leaves and a small flower bud at its sides. Included is a wooden storage box. Size: 7.75" height, 8.75" width
item #1266658
Antique Japanese Kanban Board
Antique slab of wood with japanese inscriptions. This kanban board (shop sign) is simple in detail and painted in large characters. Circa 19th Century Dimensions: 75" Long X 13" Tall
item #1266644
Antique Japanese Root Wood Hibachi
Antique Japanese rootwood hibachi with a lovely textural look and feel. It has a red and black lacquered cloth rim, and a bronze interior with an interesting patina with a layering effect.

Dimensions: 7.5" height, 10.25" width, 8" depth
item #1265913
Japanese lunch box with Bamboo Handle
Japanese small kiri storage box with a bamboo carrying handle. It has two small squared drawers, one long, thin bottom drawer with a warabite handle, and a lift away panel with a spacious storage area. Size: 12.5" height, 11.5" width, 6.25" depth
item #1265892
Antique Chinese Porcelain Vase with Bats and Peaches
Antique Chinese porcelain vase with a yellow underglaze, decorated allover with red shou symbols, peaches, and multicolored bats. The bottom of the vase has the Guangxu mark (1905), circa 1900. Size: 14" height, 9.5" width
item #1265791
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