Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Woven Cup with Silver lining.
Antique Chinese cup with a finely woven body, lined with Silver. The bottom of its foot is also lined in silver. 19th Century Size: 2" height, 3.5" width
item #1278344
Antique Chinese Porcelain Tray
Antique Chinese porcelain tray with gilt edges, its inside finely decorated with oceanside scenery in light glaze colors that are quite pleasing to the eye. Several small people can be seen kneeling, strolling along the water, and riding in a small boat. Very finely painted with excellent detail. The tray is stamped with the mark of Wang Yu Tang, early 20th century. Size: 9.5" length, 7" width, 1" height
item #1278293
Antique Chinese Lapis Pendant
Beautiful Lapis piece of carved flower design with stems and leaves. Quaint with distinctive holes allow dimension and gives character to this small piece. Beautiful stunning color and grain. Circa 1900 Dimensions: 1 1/4" Across, 1/4" Thick
item #1278290
Pair of Nephrite Plaque with Wood Carved Stands
Finely carved exquisite large nephrite plaques. Both carved nephrites have carved scenes of flowers and birds perched on and next to a stone cliff. Backside of each are blooming flower designs. Gorgeous dark green jade is of exceptional quality, as well as the intricate carving in the detail. Both plaques come with carved detailed hard wood stands of traditional chinese design dragon like creatures. Originally came from a wealthy private collection/estate in Beverly Hills, CA. These have... Click for details
item #1278283
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Antique Japanese Bronze and Copper Tea Kettle
Antique Japanese tea kettle made with a half bronze and half copper body, with raised studding along the middle where the two components meet and along its handle. Its lid is bronze, with a cylindrical finial. 19th Century Meiji Period Size: 9" height, 8" width
item #1278280
Antique Japanese Carved Wooden Buddha
Antique Japanese wooden carving of Buddha, standing and performing hand gestures called mudra, to symbolize that even wordly beings can reach enlightenment. He is carved with very nice detail to make him appear fleshy, and movement can be seen in the wrinkles of his robes. Very heavy and finely carved. Size: 43" height, 12.5" width
item #1278274
Chinese Framed Blue Silk Coat with Cranes
Chinese silk coat in a deep navy blue. Its edges are lined with blue-grey panels with silver thread designs. The mandarin collar has embroidered silk flowers in pastels, with forbidden stitching in the center. There are multiple silk roundels featuring cranes gazing upwards, surrounded by reeds and flowers. Framed and well protected, very good condition. 19th Century Size: (entire frame) 39.25" height, 60.5" width (coat only) 31.5" height, 52" width
item #1278251
Antique Japanese Gold Lacquer Tea Caddy (Natsume)
Beautiful gold lacquered tea caddy decorated with multiple flowers and gold speckled inlay. Bottom of caddy models a black background covered with nashigi lacquered gold specks. Multiple types of flowers adorn the outside of this piece, leaving the inside a solid gold. Circa 1800 Dimensions: 2.25" Tall, 3.5" Diameter
item #1278201
Framed Antique Pair of Chinese Finely woven sleeves
Pair of Framed Antique Chinese finely hand-woven textile sleeves with golden thread. Beautiful natural colors used. Secure, stabilized on acid balanced paper and framed in golden wood frames (ready to hang). Very striking and unusual to have both in such great condition. Circa 19th Century Dimensions: Frame 36" X 16 1/2" - Sleeves: 25" High X 9" Wide
item #1278197
Large Japanese Woodblock Print by Hideo Hagiwara
Large Japanese woodblock print by renowned artist Hideo Hagiwara (1913-2007). Studied at the Tokyo school of Fine Arts, where he graduated at the Oil Painting Section in 1938. While still there he attended Un'ichi Hiratsuka's extracurricular woodblock printing course, and in the same year he became quality controller at the Takamizawa Woodblock Print Company. He was conscripted into the army in 1943. In 1945 he had lost his house, his atelier and nearly all his early works. Around 1950 he... Click for details
item #1278189
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