Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese White Jade Carving
Antique Chinese jadeite carving in a beautiful grey color, of a Buddha's hand citron, a peach, and a pomegranate amidst reticulated creeping vines and leaves. Size: 2.5" length, .75" thickness
item #1273885
Antique Chinese Gourd Shaped Jade Snuff Bottle
Antique Chinese gourd Jade Snuff Bottle. Bamboo design is neatly carved on one side of bottle. On other, Chinese inscription is carved in three rows. (Early 20th Century) Dimensions: 2.5" Tall, 1.5" At Widest Point
item #1273758
Antique Chinese Frog Roof Tile
Antique Chinese adorable frog clay roof tile. Glossy glaze on stone makes the rich green, yellow, and orange colors vibrant and stand out nicely. Frog is charming and tranquil. Opening on back is perfect flower arrangement. Early 19th Century Dimensions: 15.5" Long, 5.5" Tall, 8.5" Wide
item #1273747
Antique Chinese Yellow Jade Fish
Antique Chinese yellow jade carved into a fish with finely etched scales, fins, and eyes, its tail curved inwards and connecting to a stream of water spouting from its mouth. Maybe 19th century Size: 2.25" diameter,
item #1273731
Antique Japanese Brush Box
Beautiful small three drawer brush box. Contains right hand compartments within drawers reserved for long brushes. Unique Japanese kanji black painting on outside drawers and crossed brush paintings on each side. Rich patina all over box with characteristic wear. Meiji Period ( 1868-1912) Dimensions: 4.25" Long, 10.5" Deep, 7.5" Tall
item #1273688
Antique Japanese Fireman's Pick Axe
Antique Japanese fireman's pick axe (tobiguchi), made with a hardwood handle with iron bars and ring, an iron axehead and secondary tool at the bottom of the handle with a nice, aged patina. Edo period (1615-1867) Size: 23.5" length, 4" axehead
item #1273681
Japanese Satsuma Bark Vase with Dragon
Japanese satsuma vase with a textured bark underglaze, with the image of a large, striking dragon in green and red enamel, outlined in gilt wire. The bottom is outlined with geometric enamel patterns, and the top near the mouth has cherry blossoms and vines in enamel.

Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Size: 12.25" height, 7" width
item #1273158
Antique Chinese Wood Stool
Antique Chinese wooden stool with a charming, rustic look. The seat is comprised of one solid piece with bold woodgrain, with four legs rounded at the feet and connected by horizontal stakes. Size: 21" height, 17" width
item #1273150
Antique Japanese Keyaki Karuma Tansu
Antique Japanese karuma tansu, or wheeled chest, made from keyaki (elm) wood with a deep red lacquer finish, featuring an unusual back and sides with horizontal slats. The front features two sets of large drawers with vertical locking bars and a corner safebox. Set of keys included. Edo period (1615-1867) Size: 47" High 54" Long X 29" Deep
item #1273129
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Antique Japanese Sado Island Tansu
Beautiful antique Japanese single-section tansu from Sado Island, its front frame entirely covered by iron work. It has two large main drawers with large rectangular lockplates, the top incised with a crane and the bottom with the image of two turtles, referencing the old saying Tsuru Sen-nen, Kame Man-nen (as the crane lives one thousand years, the tortoise ten thousand years) to represent longevity. The large drawers have two warabite handles mounted on rectangular backings, and bold... Click for details
item #1272974
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