Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Samurai Japanese Matchlock Rifle
Antique Japanese Samurai Matchlock Rifle. Lock is functioning, main spring has good tension. Keyaki hardwood is in wonderful condition. Ingraved iron with flowers and dragons. Silver inlaid cartouche on the top of the barrel. Great collectors piece. 18th Century Dimensions: 49 1/2" Long
item #1278175
Japanese Antique Stacking Bento Basket with Handle
Beautiful antique Japanese stacking bento basket made of very fine split bamboo with even finer strips woven underneath for insulation, the container separates into two compartments - a larger compartment underneath and a small covered box on top. The handle is made of a single piece of bamboo. Meiji/Taisho Period. Size: 18 1/2" high x 14" long (18" long including handle) x 8 1/4" wide.
item #1278166
Antique Japanese Zushi Traveling Shrine
Beautifully aged Antique Japanese Zushi (portable shrine) black lacquered wood with mokko shaped roof. Shrine models a gilt interior with the statue of sitting Buddha. The double doors decorated with crests of the Samurai Clan, Hosogawa in gilt metal work.

Edo Period (1603-1868)

Dimensions: 7.5"h x 4.25"d x 6"w
item #1278159
Japanese Burl Wood Ikebana Vase
Beautiful Japanese burlwood vase for ikebana, or floral arrangements, with a complex, twisting, gnarled form. 20th century. Size: 14.25" height, 8.5" width
item #1278140
Antique Japanese Leather Box with Handle
Antique Japanese box made with mixed metal, iron, and leather components with a handle woven with wood, iron studding along its sides, and a removable lid with a small iron handle. It may have been used to store and transport a multitude of items as Japan began to modernize their technology. Circa 1900 Size: 10" height, 9.75" width
item #1278049
Japanese Textured Ceramic Vase with Signature
Japanese ceramic vase with a slender form, reddish brown base colors, areas with black, grey, yellow, and brown glaze and areas of texture. The artists' signature is incised into the bottom of the vase. Included is a wooden storage box with kanji. Size: 9" height, 4" width
item #1277998
Antique Japanese Basket with Silk Lining
Antique Japanese woven lidded basket with large tassles attached to small metal fixtures. It is lined in blue silk, with woven gold thread in auspicious motifs. Size: 5" height, 8.5" width
item #1277544
Antique Japanese Red Lacquer Container
Antique Japanese container called a jikiro, a special bowl used for tea ceremonies. It has a red lacquer base that is matte on the lid and shiny on the inside and bottom, with raised black lacquer stems and leaves and red chrysanthemums. Minor areas of missing lacquer along the rim. Size: 4.75" height, 9.5" diameter
item #1277538
Antique Japanese Pair of Lacquer Trays
Antique Japanese pair of lacquer trays with a black exterior and deep red lacquer interior. The sides of each tray are pierced with gourd shapes on their sides, lines, and small holes, and the rim is dotted with gilt lacquer. One tray is slightly smaller than the other, so they may be stacked and stored away. A wooden box is included with kanji on its lid. Size: 21.25" length, 13.75" width & 20.75" length, 13.25" width
item #1277525
Antique Japanese Kiri Tansu with Lacquered Sides
Antique Japanese single section tansu made from kiri wood, with a nice, deep red lacquer applied to the top, sides, and back. It has simple, round locks incised with tiny sun designs and warabite handles on attractive pierced backings. Edo period (1615-1867) Size: 36" height, 42" length, 17" depth
item #1277507
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