Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Hand-Woven Caucasian Shirvan Azeri Rug
Antique Caucasian Azeri runner rug, hand-woven all wool in repeating Shirvan motifs in navy blue and rust colors.

late 19th century

Dimensions: 4' 7" x 16' 8"
item #1395068
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Large Japanese Ryu Dragon Temple Carving with Crystal Ball
A large architectural Buddhist temple carving of a Dragon (Ryu), with reverse glass painted eyes. The dragon clutches a smooth clear quartz crystal ball in its 3 point sharp claws. The high relief carvings show the dragon's body coiled behind clouds of smoke and waves. Dragons are the powerful embodiment of yin and yang and are seen as a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people that are worthy.
The myths about Emperor Jimmu descending from Toyatama-hime evidence the... Click for details
item #1395067
Japanese Set of Ten Ya Yumi Hawk Feather Arrows
Stunning set of ten Japanese Ya (arrow) Yumi hawk feather and reed arrows with gold gilt lacquer and iron tips. Once used to shoot long distances by long bow primarily before the main introduction of firearms by the Portuguese in 1543. The "no" (shaft of the arrows are made from yadake bamboo and can have different shapes – straight, or tapering, these being straight.
Typically they use bamboo from the Kanto area. This is for a purely practical reason: bamboo will not grow fast enough... Click for details
item #1395056
Antique Japanese 2 Section Keyaki Futon Tansu
Japanese two section futon tansu made with solid Keyaki (zelkova) hardwood. The top section holds a large open compartment behind two sliding Keyaki burl front panels with openwork carvings. Below are three drawers with mokko shaped iron pulls. The bottom section has another pair of sliding panels with horizontal slats. Behind the left panel are two large drawers and behind the right panel are two drawers and a small safe door with ornate iron plates, holding a third drawer inside. Beautiful... Click for details
item #1395015
Japanese Group of 6 Edo Period Tsuba on Stand
Antique Japanese group of 6 tsuba (samurai sword hand guards), made of iron. Each tsuba is unique. From top left to right: suksahi tsube with aoi leaves and tiny inlaid gold details, sukashi tsuba with boat with sail in the mist and signed Masayoshi, sukashi tsuba with three gourds aubergine motif, sukashi tsube with boat and sail, sukashi tsuba with pine branch and mist, wangata tsube with two characters. Mounted on a custom antiqued bronze metal stand.

Early Edo Period... Click for details
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Japanese Edo Keyaki Burl Bar Tansu
An unusual Japanese Keyaki burl front bar tansu. The drawer faces are each labeled in Japanese kanji. The top "drawer" is actually a lift away panel. The middle two drawers are slightly recessed behind a vertical locking bar with ornate iron plates. The lowermost drawer face has a middle iron lock plate continuously below the locking bar. When the bar is removed, more kanji is written in sumi ink, possibly with the identity of the original owner. With iron kakute squared drawer pulls and iron... Click for details
item #1394972
Japanese Keyaki Burl Wood Choba with Locking Bar, Edo Period
Antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant's chest) made of keyaki (elm) wood burl with heavy iron hardware. The upper most portion of the chest has a large full width drawer above a compartment with sliding panels. The middle of the tansu has a horizontal row of three small drawers. The bottom portion of the tansu has a series of three drawers stacked in a vertical row and held in place with a locking bar. The lower right has a safe box with with two small interior drawers and an exterior... Click for details
item #1394968
Pair of Monumental Chinese Temple Fu Dog Corbels
A monumental pair of Chinese hardwood temple corbels, finely carved as a pair of fu dogs and their offspring. Each adult fu dog stands on their front legs with the rear legs pointed upwards, so that they would press against the ceiling. The front legs are balanced atop a floral xiu qiu ball, and a rambunctious baby fu dog clings by its claws to the ball. With small traces of pigments. Mounted for display on museum quality steel bases.

Early 19th Century

Dimensions:... Click for details
item #1394961
Philippines Brass and Nickel Betel Nut Box
Antique betel nut box from the Philippines, composed of brass and nickel, with separate hinged compartments for the storage of various implements. The leftmost compartment is built up with slaked lime, which releases the alkaloids in the betel nut. The practice of betel nut chewing is common in many parts of South Asia. Slices of the areca nut would be wrapped in betel leaves and chewed, giving a mild stimulant effect.

19th century

Dimensions: 7: x 3" x 3 1/4"
item #1394799
Antique Japanese Ranma (transom)
Antique Japanese wood ranma (transom) with a black lacquer frame. The center panel is carved with a landscape scene of a bridge with pine trees and rock formations.

Dimensions: 73" L x 1" D x 13 1/2" Height
item #1394797
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