Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Bronze Dog
Antique Japanese Bronze dog. Golden woven colored neck tie with bells hanging from the dogs neck. Very charming expression and posture. Taisho Period 6 1/4" Long X 4" Wide X 6" High
item #1283634
Antique Japanese Bronze kintaro and the bear
Quality Japanese Bronze of Kintaro, a child of superhuman strength who was raised by a hag on Mount Ashigara. He made friends with the animals on the mountain and became a loyal follower of Minamoto no Yorimitsu under a new name: Sakata no Kintoki. Kintaro is popularly known for capturing Shutendouji, a demonic terror of the region of Mount Ooe. Today, Kintaro is celebrated on Children’s Day (May 5th), where Japanese parents decorate the room of their newborn son with Kintaro dolls in hopes it... Click for details
item #1283630
Antique Chinese 33-Piece Porcelain Tea Set
Gorgeous antique Chinese 33 piece porcelain tea set with bright glaze designs of flowers in red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Each individual piece bears the red Guangxu mark on its underside (1871-1908). Perfect condition. Size: Large Plate 10.25" diameter
item #1283626
Japanese Carved Hardwood Sword Stand
Antique Japanese sword display stand with pierced carvings of leaves and gilt paintings of blossom petals blowing in the wind. The stand folds together for storage. Size: 13" height, 33" length
item #1283621
Small Chinese Calligraphy Brush
Small Chinese Calligraphy brush. Dark wooden handle with light color grain. Signed in two locations. Gray color horse hair used as the brush material. Circa: 1950's Dimensions: 11 1/2 Long X 1" Wide (6 1/2" Long Handle)
item #1283615
Large Chinese Calligraphy Brush
Large Chinese Calligraphy brush. Dark wood with light coloring grain. Fairly heavy in weight. Dark red horse hair used for the brush material. Handle does unscrew from itself. Circa: 1950's Dimensions: 28 1/2" Long X 2 1/2" Wide (19 1/2" Long Handle)
item #1283613
Antique Japanese Tobacco Pouch
Antique Japanese tobacco pouch made from leather with floral designs and two pockets inside. The exterior has two flying cranes in gold thread, a blue forbidden stitch background of sky and sea and a rising sun, and metal fittings with dragons. Size: 5.25" width, 9.5" (length of chain included)
item #1283603
Antique Japanese Signed Lacquer Inro
Antique Japanese lacquer inro. Comes apart into five separate areas for storage. Black lacquer with gold hiromakie boat design, signed Harumasa inside and Hiramoto Katano underneath, nashiji interior. Condition excellent. Meiji Period Dimensions: 3 1/2" High X 2 1/4" Wide X 1" Deep
item #1283416
Antique Japanese Hair Oil Jar
Beautiful antique Japanese Abura-tsubo bottle. This bottle is painted in traditional blue with the hand painting of a fish. Used to store hair and massage oil. Wonderful condition with no chips or condition problems. The kilm is from the Seto area of Japan. Meiji period Dimensions: 2" High X 3" Wide
item #1283415
Antique Japanese Crackle Porcelain Bottle
Antique Japanese porcelain bottle, with a light beige crackle glaze, and blue underglaze designs of a sailing boat floating atop of waves, and a solid blue ring around the base. The bottle is stout with a thin opening, for pouring aromatic oils onto one's hair. 19th century Size: 3" height, 3.25" width
item #1283409
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