Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Pair of Tall Hardwood Stands
Antique Chinese pair of hardwood stools, one in lovely deep brown tones and one in honey tones with gorgeous shine, each with spiral-carved feet attached with sloping panels, the undersides decorated with open carvings. Late 19th Century Size: 26" height, 13.25" width, 13.25" depth
item #1284881
Antique Chinese Pair of Hardwood Stools
Antique Chinese pair of gorgeous hardwood stools, with wonderful spiraling carved details along its edges, narrow pierced ovals below the seat, all four legs connected by squared panels. The wood has a lovely shine and grain. Heavy in weight. Late 19th Century Size: 18.5" height, 14" width, 14" depth
item #1284796
19th Century Chinese Hardwood Stand
Antique Chinese hardwood stand with gorgeous, flowing carved form, pierced center, made of dark hardwood with deep red undertones, standing on three shallow feet. Beautiful dark gain. Heavy solid stand. 19th Century Size: 1.25" height, 4.5" width
item #1284769
Antique Japanese Two-Section Kiri Tansu
Antique Japanese two-section kiri (paulownia) tansu with interesting kakute (squared) iron handles paired with round locks on each of its drawers. The two sections connect at the sides with pierced iron plating. Great condition, 100% Kiri wood. Late Meiji Period Size; 43" height, 38" width, 16.5" depth
item #1284667
Unusual Inlaid Antique Hardwood Basket with Porcupine Quills
Very Unusual Southeast Asian Antique Inlaid basket made with a dark hardwood base and rim and a cage of porcupine quills with natural brown and cream tones. White speckling detail throughout wood, with a large central flower emblem in red. 19th Century Size: 3.5" height, 8" width
item #1284626
Japanese Cloisonne Picture Frame
A lovely Unusual picture frame made with Japanese cloisonne imagery of white chrysanthemums and cascading leaves in gradient shades of green upon a muted yellow/beige background. Gorgeous hardwood has been used for the backing piece, with an old English style carved stand with chain, and an interior plaque that may be engraved. The frame is lined in silver. A real Treasure. Meiji Period Size: 9.5" height, 7.25" width, 6" depth
item #1284620
Chinese Ming Bronze Foo Dog Censor
Antique Chinese bronze censor in the form of a snarling foo dog sitting upright, holding a xiu qui ball in his front paws attached to a long tassel. His head is hinged so that incense may be placed inside the body, which will then billow out from his mouth. Overall great form and nice patina, Ming Dynasty 17th century Size: 8" height, 9" width
item #1284514
Pair of Chinese Over Enamel Glass Vases
Pair of Chinese peking glass vases, with mirror-image enamel grasshoppers seated upon a mass of flower stems over a mossy forest bed with small rocks. Each vase is water-drop shaped with fluted rims lined in gold enamel, their backsides are inscribed with red stamps and the bottoms are signed. Size: 6" height, 3.25" width
item #1284496
Chinese Red Peking Glass Bowl
Charming Chinese red peking glass bowl, carved with happy koi fish swimming amidst incised waves, accented with bubbles and underwater flora, as well as lily pads floating along the top. Size: 3.75" height, 8" width
item #1284489
Chinese Blue Peking Glass Jar
Chinese deep blue peking glass jar with carvings of chimeras crawling along the outside with branches in their mouths, over a crosshatch style background. The lid also has a miniature chimera amidst crosshatch background with a flower shaped finial. Artist's signature on the bottom. Size: 5.5" height, 4" width
item #1284477
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