Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Kiri Tansu
Antique Japanese beautifully contrasted light kiri wood tansu with iron locks, hardware and flower lock fixtures. Tansu has a deep brown/maroon colored lacquered frame. Beautiful tansu, drawers slide easily. Meiji Period (1868-1912) Dimensions: 37" High, 34 1/2" Wide, 17" Deep
item #1277192
Japanese Small Byobu Screen Painting of Flowers
Antique Japanese small 6-panel screen painting for table top, painted with a scene of stream and flowers, painted in mineral colors on silver leaf, the silver has oxidized a beautiful dark color, Edo Period, 18th century. Size: 18" high x 50 1/2" long
item #1277164
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Antique Japanese Large Koma Tetsubin
Wonderful large cast Iron Kama Tetsubin. Lid is iron with lovely round flower motif on top. Tokugawa Crest of Paulownia Flowers decorate both sides of kettle. Two small loop handles are shaped lion heads. Kettle comes with large wood box, in great condition, marked with Japanese inscription. Taisho Period (circa 1920) Dimensions: 21" Tall, 9" Diameter
item #1277144
Antique Chinese Lotus Tray
Antique Chinese wooden tray, likely made from boxwood with a black/brown finish. It has one main larger compartment carved with two large lotus leaves, a lotus flower, and a lotus pod. The smaller compartment has a carved lotus pod with moveable seeds. It has two sides handles formed as stems. Size: 33" long, 17" wide, 1" tall
item #1276956
Antique Chinese Statue of Demon Queller Zhong Kui
Wonderfully made Chinese Statue of the mythical diety Zhong Kui. Zhong Kui was seen as many symbols including, protector of evil spirits, expeller of demons plague, and protects homes with male children. Zhong Kui is posing triumphantly with sword in hand, and a bat in the other. His foot is resting on a demon he commands. Incredible detail in the folds of his clothing, face and body of both Zhong Kui and demon. Five bats outline chinese symbol on his chest. Maker's mark on back of statue... Click for details
item #1276947
Antique Chinese Natural Burl Hardwood Stand
Antique Chinese beautiful Natural burl hardwood stand. Unique curvature and asymmetrical sides of the legs. Deep dark color of wood with flat surface. Great condition, stunning piece. Meiji Period (1868-1912) Dimensions: 23" High, 12" Deep, 12" Long
item #1276939
Antique Japanese Black Lacquer Box with Makie
Antique Japanese black lacquer box, with makie (sprinkled gold powder) designs on its top and sides. The lid shows an open book with images of bamboo and flying sparrows and a scroll with raised images of leaves and foliage, and its sides have other auspicious maki-e elements such as butterflies and flowers. The underside of the lid and lining of its two small front drawers are decorated with an orange/bronze toned nashiji.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Size: 7.5" height, 12"... Click for details
item #1276938
Antique Japanese Keyaki Choba Tansu
Fantastic Japanese choba tansu, or merchant's chest, made from keyaki wood with a gorgeous original semi-matte red finish. It has many drawers for storage with simple iron hardware of a squared form (besides the handles, whose shape is called 'warabite') and two sets of sliding door panels with a middle lock. Meiji period circa 1900 Size:40.5" height, 36" width, 17" depth
item #1276560
Antique Japanese Two-Section Hinoki Tansu
Antique Japanese two-section Cho-ba tansu (merchants chest) made from hinoki (cypress) wood. Its top section has two large sliding panels with beautiful molded handles and three small drawers. The bottom section have multiple drawers, some with brass keyholes that have been etched with attractive designs, and two more sets of sliding panels. The bottom, slatted panels hide a secret compartment with a small storage drawer. Early 20th century-Taisho Period Size: 60" height, 35.5" width, 14.75"... Click for details
item #1276554
Antique Japanese Pair of 2-Section Tansu
A set of two Japanese antique tansu comprised of two sections, with attractive burl wood sliding panels, kiri wood fronts with iron mokko ("melon") handles and round lockplates. One of the tansu has a bottom lockbox with two drawers concealed inside, from the Kansai area of Japan. Meiji period (1868-1912) Size of Each: 63" height, 35.5" width, 16" depth
item #1276541
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