Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Kuri Fune Tansu
Antique Japanese fune tansu (ship safe chest) made from beautiful kuri (chestnut) wood. It has two front sliding panels with an iron lock in its center, and two handles incised auspicious designs. The interior is shelved with a side locking drawer, accented with red lacquer. Three drawers run along the bottom of the chest with squared kakute style iron handles. Size: 22 3/4" high x 26 1/2" wide x 17 3/4" deep.
item #1286141
Antique Japanese Rare Two-Section Burl Isho Tansu
Antique Japanese rare two-section isho tansu (clothing chest) with a very interesting burl wood front, and lacquered sides. Each of its very large drawers has its own custom incised lockplate with imagery of cherry blossoms, bamboo, cranes, and other auspicious elements. Meiji period (1868-1912) Size: 51.25" height, 35.75" width, 16.75" depth
item #1286116
Antique Chinese Two-Level Hardwood Stand
Antique Chinese dark Zitan hardwood stand with two levels, nicely carved legs, beautiful woodgrain. Early 20th century Showa Period. Size: 20" height, 6.25" width
item #1286111
Ming Dynasty Chinese Carved wood Fu dogs
Chinese carved wood fu dogs from the Ming Dynasty. All original. Once used as temple carvings in China. Very Unusual and Truly Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). Nicely detailed with incredible stance and presence. Dimensions: 12" Wide X 7 1/2" High X 5 1/2" Deep (each)
item #1286044
Antique Japanese Two-Section Keyaki Tansu
Beautiful two-section keyaki (zelkova) tansu with a gorgeous, glowing honey lacquered front and red lacquered top and sides. Its features include large, decorative iron lockplates incised with auspicious symbols, warabite handles with pierced backplates, a lockbox that is, interestingly, on the top section rather than the bottom, with three red-lacquered drawers inside. All original finnish, Dates from the Meiji period (1868-1912). Size: 38.25" height, 41.75" width, 15.75" depth
item #1286040
Antique Japanese Keyaki Choba Tansu
Very charming Japanese choba tansu (merchant's chest) made from very beautiful keyaki (zelkova) wood, horizontal slats on its sides, decorative iron hardware including diamond shaped handles with incised scrolling vines, hirute drawer handles, and a cloud-shaped lockplate for a small hinged door with three small drawers inside. Dates from the Meiji period (1868-1912). Original Condition Size: 30" height, 25.75" width, 13.25" depth
item #1286017
Chinese Silk Rank Badge
Chinese silk rank badge made with bright, beautiful silk threads in blues, purples, greens, and pinks. Lotuses and peonies peek in through the sides of the badge, over a background of geometric patterns in blue silk; Green, blue, purple, and white lights are along the bottom, meeting with blue waves or clouds and auspicious elements in bright pinks and purples; Cherry blossoms, bamboo leaves, and blue geometric patterns outline the badge. Size: 9.5" height, 10.25" width
item #1285697
Antique Japanese Iron Sake Kettle
Antique Japanese cast iron sake kettle (choshi) with brass lid, its sides decorated with scenes of nature, standing on three very short legs. Size: 7.5" height, 8.5" length
item #1285687
Antique Japanese Iron Tetsubin
Antique Japanese iron tetsubin (tea kettle) decorated by raised flat areas of gaming tiles with engraved kanji, signed with artist's cartouche below the spout. Handle with figural pattern on body. Very nice patina inside and on the bottom where flames once heated it to make tea. Size: 8.25" height, 7.5" width
item #1285676
Antique Chinese Pair of Jade Carved Vases
Antique Chinese pair of dark green jade vases, with dark and light flecking throughout, allover incised spiraling designs with leaves, four squared panels, each with stylized carvings of vegetation with rock formations that are transparent when viewed from the inside of the vase. Each vase comes with a lovely dark hardwood stand. Size: 7.25" height, 5.5" width
item #1285664
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