Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Large Framed Scroll of Quan Yin
Antique Chinese framed scroll depicting the bodhisattva of compassion, Quan Yin. She is dressed in long, flowing robes with metal rings, and a crown of the Amitābha Buddha. She holds in her left hand a small jar filled with pure water, and in her right the branch of a willow tree. She stands barefoot on the head of a dragon, with a white parrot carrying long beads in its mouth flying overhead. Her two young acolytes, a girl named Longnü and a boy named Shancai, stand at her sides. The... Click for details
item #1289032
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Chinese Framed Woven Silk Flower Shou Tapestry
Large framed Chinese woven silk shou character (symbolizing longevity) tapestry made entirely of blooming peonies in gradient tones of purple and pink on branches with clusters of leaves, over a light brown woven background. Set in large gilt frame. Size: (entire frame) 74" height 44" width (picture only) 62" height, 32" width
item #1289011
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Chinese Soapstone Chop with Foo Dogs
Chinese soapstone chop seal with three carved foo dogs standing on a pedestal. The carve work is beautiful and immaculate. The soapstone has a nice muted grey-green color with soft red and gold tone accents. The carved seal on the bottom has remnants of red pigment. Repulic period 20th century. Size: 5.5" height, 2" width, 2" depth
item #1288940
Antique Chinese Jade Carving of Boy
Antique Chinese jadeite carving of a young boy kneeling on his stomach, holding a small dish. He has a pleased expression with wonderfully carved fingers and toes, etched hair, and a smooth form. Size: 1.25" height, 2.75" length
item #1288931
Antique Japanese Takeda Ningyo Doll
Antique Japanese takeda ningyo doll of general Yoshitsume Minamoto of the Minamoto clan (born 1159, died 1189). He is considered to be one of the most famous samurai in all of Japanese history. He fought alongside his brothers Yoritomo and Noriyori in the Genpei War against the Taira clan, but would later be defeated at the Battle of Koromo in 1189. The doll is posed gracefully with a scowling expression, dressed in gold, blue, and green silk robes, with his sword at his hip. Edo Age 19th... Click for details
item #1288786
Antique Japanese Cloisonne Vase with Signature
Antique Japanese cloisonne vase with black enamel background; one side with imagery of two cranes standing beside a creek, bright flowers and bamboo in the background; the other side with a male peacock standing on a rock structure beside a female peacock, blooming peonies behind them. Geometric designs with scrolling vines and flowers decorate the neck. Lovely patina. The bottom of the vase is engraved with the signature Kamano. Size: 5.75" height
item #1288572
Large Japanese Print by Joichi Hoshi
Large Japanese woodblock print by Joichi Hoshi (1913-1979), signed in pencil, number 64/99 in its series. Gorgeous metallic silver background. Red artist's stamp in bottom corner. Set in heavy metal frame. Size: (entire frame) 21" height, 34.25" width (artwork only) 14.5" height, 27.25" width
item #1288542
Japanese Woodblock Print by Saito
Japanese woodblock print by Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997) of a winter scene, with dark figures walking through a quiet village with a snow-capped mountain looming in the far background. Signed in pencil with artist's stamp. Size:11.25" height, 15.75" width
item #1287332
Japanese Woodblock Print by Saito
Japanese woodblock print by Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997) titled "Winter in Aizu". Signed in pencil with artist's stamp. Doi publisher seal in back. Size: 11.75" height, 16.5" width
item #1287328
Japanese Woodblock Print by Kawase Hasui
Japanese woodblock print by shin-hanga artist Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) titled "Rainy Yasuniwa, Nagano Prefecture", Hotei #480. Titled and signed, with 6mm cartouche in bottom right corner. Framed. Size: (entire frame) 15" height, 20.25" width (artwork only) 10" height, 14" width
item #1287319
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