Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Song Style glazed crackle vase
Antique Chinese Song style glazed crackle vase, fluted shape. Glued crack can be seen in detail images. Dates from the 18th/19th century. Dimension: 6 1/4" High X 4 1/2" Wide
item #1296252
Antique Chinese Porcelain Vase with Stand
Antique Chinese unusual porcelain vase with a yellow underglaze background, and many wonderful multi-dimensional auspicious elements decorating the entirety of the vase. Some of these items include flower pots, peaches, cicadas, crickets, scrolls, and many other elements, some of which have been skillfully pierced through. Included is a hardwood stand. The vase dates from 1862-1875 Rein of Emperor Tung-Chin. Comes with original purchase paperwork dating from November 20th 1989, purchased in Hong... Click for details
item #1295739
Chinese Scroll of Kwan Yin and Lion
Chinese scroll depicting the bodhisattva of compassion Kwan Yin riding the back of a lion. Kwan Yin's hair and tassels flow outwards behind her, suggesting a heavenly wind is blowing. Below each of the lions' paws are lotuses. dates from the early 20th century. Size: (entire scroll) 57.5" height, 22.75" width (artwork only) 49.5" height, 19.25" width
item #1295731
Antique Indian Miniature Painting of Holy Man
Antique Indian painting of a holy man seated centrally in a large court room, holding a lotus bud and adorned in jewels, with a bright halo around his head. Brightly robed courtesans stand at his side. A scale sits on the floor before him. Arabic writing decorates the top and the bottom of the painting. Set in a gilt frame. Size: (entire frame) 10.75" height, 7.25" width (artwork only) 6.5" height, 3" width
item #1295727
Japanese Framed Woodblock Print by Ouchi Makoto
A large framed woodblock print by artist Ouchi Makoto (1926-1989). Ukiyo-e style images of fierce warriors and a demon appear in the two front paper blocks, and have kanji that has been cut from the tops. A beautiful maiden appears in the third block, while a large wave appears in the last, a nod to the famous woodblock artist Hokusai. Ouchi has created great depth with his techniques of color gradation, shading, and perspective. The piece is signed at the bottom in pencil, and numbered 5/60.... Click for details
item #1295717
Chinese Pair of Cloisonne Vases on Stands
Pair of Chinese cloisonné vases with cascading flora in bright red, blue, white, and green enamel over a baby blue enamel background. Below the rim are enamel tribal leaves. Each vase has a delicately carved hardwood stand. Republic period. Size: (w/ stand) 15.5" height, (w/o stand) 12.5" height, 7.5" width
item #1295659
Antique Chinese Three-Tier Storage Basket
Antique Chinese three-tier storage basket. Iron fittings along the edges and handle. 19th Century Size: 17.5" height, 22.25" width, 13" depth
item #1295653
19th Century Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain vase
Famille rose (known in Chinese as Fencai (粉彩) or Ruancai (軟彩, simplified 软彩), meaning 'soft colours', and later as Yangcai (洋彩), meaning 'foreign colours') was introduced during the reign of Kangxi (1654–1722), possibly around 1720. It used mainly pink or purple and remained popular throughout the 18th and the 19th centuries. Famille rose enamel ware allows a greater range of colour and tone than was previously possible, enabling the... Click for details
item #1295652
Japanese Sadao Watanabe Print of the Three Saints
Japanese Sadao Watanabe (1913 - 1996) print of the Three Saints. Attractive red background highlighting the three saints with birds sitting atop a terrace. Print # 10/70 in 1971. Print on Paper 1971 Dimensions: 27 1/2" High X 23 1/2" Wide
item #1295646
Japanese Sadao Watanabe Print Pouring water
Japanese Sadao Watanabe print of pouring water (1913 - 1996). Striking red background with four characters pouring water. Numbered 16/70 printed in 1971. Great condition, with no rips or condition issues. 1971 Dimensions: 27 1/2" High X 23" Wide
item #1295644
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