Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Rare Keyaki Choba Tansu
Rare Japanese keyaki wood choba tansu with 15 exterior drawers (3 interior drawers) and a locking bar, keyaki (elm) wood front and frame with dramatic grain and lacquer finish, elaborate iron metal wood including moko shaped drawer pulls, locking bar has iron work with bamboo motif, the safe box has a key and the three small drawers on the inside are made all of kiri wood with handles to match the front exterior, Edo Period, Makuni area. Size: 38" high x 34" wide x 14 3/4" deep.
item #1290737
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Blue and White 16th century Ko Sometsuke Bowl for Tea Ceremony
16th century blue and white glazed Ko sometsuke porcelain dish, made in China for export to Japan for use in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, decorated with blue underglaze bird and flowers. "Ko-sometsuke (‘old blue and white’) porcelain was produced specifically for the Japanese market during the final decades of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). The lack of Chinese imperial patronage during this period prompted the potters at the Jingdezhen kilns, Jiangxi province, to seek out new markets for... Click for details
item #1290730
Antique Chinese Blanc De Chine Budai
Antique Chinese blanc de chine porcelain Budai, also known as the "Laughing Buddha". He sits with one leg folded underneath himself, holding prayer beads in his right hand. He has a beautiful, delicate form, with pierced ears, nostrils, and mouth. 19th century. Size: 3.25" height, 2.5" width
item #1289964
Antique Japanese Kyo-Yaki Rabbit Kogo
Antique Japanese Kyo-yaki, low-fired raku ceramic kogo ( an incense container used in tea ceremonies) in the form of an adorable fat bunny with shallow eyes and long ears with pink enamel and a creamy tan crackle glaze all over its body. Chop impressed on bottom is illegible. Size: 2.25" height, 2.25" width
item #1289932
Antique Japanese Ikat Futon Cover
Antique Japanese ikat egasuri futon cover, made with navy blue and grey woven fabric. It is decorated with the image of flowers within geometric patterns over a navy background. Shown folded in a "haba" style. ( ikat is a woven pattern not printed). Taisho period (1912-1925) Total size: 50" x 75"
item #1289810
Antique Japanese Egasuri Futon Cover
Antique Japanese long ikat egasuri futon cover made with navy woven fabric, with white and light blue "trickling" patterns of small squares and ribbons. Shown folded in traditional "haba" style. (ikat means that the pattern is woven not printed).Taisho period (1912-1925) Total size: 14" x 272" (approx. 23 ft long)
item #1289809
Antique Japanese Ikat Futon Cover
Antique Japanese woven ikat egasuri futon cover, made of a lovely indigo/navy fabric, with imagery of kiri (pauownia) leaves and squared target designs in a plaid formation. Shown folded haba style. ( Ikat patterns are woven not printed). Taisho period (1912-1925) Total size: 57" x 49"
item #1289807
Antique Chinese Porcelain Mille Fleur Bowl
Antique Chinese porcelain bowl, made extremely thin, with gilt enamel along its rim. The inside of the bowl has a gilt shou symbol (Chinese character for longevity), lined in red and surrounded by five red lucky bats. The outside of the bowl has a mille fleur style enamel with many multi-colored flowers and other plants over a black enamel background. Red Guangxu mark on bottom. Size: 2.5" height, 5" diameter
item #1289693
Antique Japanese Ichimatsu Doll
Antique Japanese Yamato or Ichimatsu-ningyo dolls. Typically depicting a girl about six years of age dressed in traditional kimono. Ichimatsu - ningyo have been treasured for years as playthings and objects of beauty. This wonderful and excellent example of Ichimatsu-ningyo is very charming with great attention to detail. Fitted naturally dyed kimono is traditionally worn and the doll stands upon a hardwood stand. Lovely original condition. Taisho Age, circa 1920. Reference: NINGYO,... Click for details
item #1289558
Antique Chinese Large Framed Scroll of Quan Yin
Antique Chinese framed scroll depicting the bodhisattva of compassion, Quan Yin. She is dressed in long, flowing robes with metal rings, and a crown of the Amitābha Buddha. She holds in her left hand a small jar filled with pure water, and in her right the branch of a willow tree. She stands barefoot on the head of a dragon, with a white parrot carrying long beads in its mouth flying overhead. Her two young acolytes, a girl named Longnü and a boy named Shancai, stand at her sides. The... Click for details
item #1289032
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