Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Pair of Hardwood Stands
Antique Chinese pair of hardwood stands with multiple tiered surfaces for display. The legs connect at the bottom with geometric spiral design of panels. Great matching side tables. Size: 32.5" height, 17" width, 11.5" depth
item #1307308
Unusual Charming Chinese Porcelain Turtle Box
Wonderfully life-like box in the form of a turtle, made of painted porcelain, the shell lifts off as the lid of the box, the turtle raises his head with a slight smile, great attention to detail, Chinese, early 20th century. Size: 3 1/4" high x 9" long x 5 1/2" wide
item #1307307
Dramatic Rootwood Coffee Table
Unusual Low root wood table, beautiful golden color wood, the top is a cross section with dramatic burl grain radiating from the center like run rays, the base is made of a section of tree trunk. Size: 20" high x 36" long x 27" wide
item #1307305
Antique Chinese Pair of Hardwood Display Cabinets
Beautiful pair of Chinese 17th/18th century display cabinets, made with a combination of dramatic hardwoods. Two upper shelves are bordered by decorative carved panels. Two drawers sit above a hinged pair of doors with roomy storage inside.

Size: 71.5" height, 30.75" width, 17.5" depth
item #1307227
Price on Request
Chinese Interesting Porcelain Painted Vase with Stand
A beautifully painted porcelain blue and white Chinese vase with four maidens in elaborately designed robes, holding various objects such as flower baskets, a paint brush, and a book. Scholar's objects have been painted around the neck. The body has an interesting raised speckle texture. Unusual signature on bottom with beautiful floral design outline. Comes with hardwood stand. Dimensions: 17 1/4" Tall X 7 1/2" Wide (without hardwood stand) 1" Taller with Stand. Republic period (circa... Click for details
item #1306950
Antique Chinese Wicker Suitcase
A charming Chinese antique wicker suitcase. The top locks with three iron flaps. There are interesting remnants of an old wax seal. Interior is lined in orange and yellow paper with diamond patterns. Size: 9" height, 28" length, 15.5" width
item #1306929
Chinese Antique Stone Seated Buddha
Beautifully carved antique Chinese stone seated buddha, wonderful attention to drapery folds and compassionate expression, in the style of the Wei Dynasty. (Wei Dynasty (魏朝) can refer to two different dynasties in Chinese history: Cao Wei (220-265) was a Han Chinese dynasty that existed during the Three Kingdoms Period). Size: 40" high x 22" wide x 13" deep.
item #1306873
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17th Century Tibetan Painted Cabinet
17th Century Tibetan storage chest with two large front doors. Hand painted with spiraling lotus designs over green background. The interior is roomy with a single shelf. Very heavy in weight. Beautifully naturally worn original finish. Size: 34" height, 40.75" width, 19.5" depth
item #1306872
Chinese Three Piece Hardwood Desk
Antique Chinese three section desk with attractive brass tone handles, nicely complimenting the warm finish of the wood. Simplistic in design, with eight medium drawers and one long drawer along the topmost section. Great full size for modern day use. Size: 31.5" height, 53.75" width, 30" depth
item #1306863
Edo Age Unusual Japanese Keyaki Trunk
An unusual Japanese keyaki tansu/ Toranku with a deep original red lacquer finish. This sturdy trunk has a top locking lid opening to an upper storage compartment. Flat top allows items to be placed on the top aswell. The bottom of the trunk has a large single drawer with interesting diamond style decorative hardware, and flower shaped handle mounts. Size: 19" height, 35" width, 19.5" depth
item #1306862
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