Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Hand Painted Lacquer Cabinet
Tall Chinese lacquer cabinet with red sides and black front, hand painted with an assortment of gilt butterflies and flowers. Its front features two front opening doors with center locks and two drawers with ring pulls, with interior shelving. Early 20th century. Size: 67" height, 31.5" width, 17.5" depth
item #1308044
Unusual Japanese Kannon Biraki Tansu
Antique Japanese kannon biraki tansu, made with keyaki (elm) and hinoki (cypress) wood. Interior has four storage compartments. Top and sides have the same kanji marking burned into the wood. Beautiful, original finish. Very unusual. Size: 25.75" height, 23" length, 10" depth
item #1308040
Japanese Antique Fukashima Isho Tansu
Japanese antique isho tansu (clothing storage chest), made with chestnut wood drawer fronts and sugi (cryptomeria) wood frame, beautiful deep reddish brown lacquer finish on the drawer fronts and the sides and top of the chest, the frame on the front of the chest is lacquered black as is traditional with Fukashima area tansu. Iron hardware inlcudes large round lock plates and warabite shaped drawer pulls. The chest has four large drawers and two small drawers in the lower right hand corner.... Click for details
item #1307887
Antique Japanese Small Kiri Tansu
Antique Japanese small tansu made of kiri (paulownia) wood, with cloud shaped iron locks and warabite handles. Attractive design, original finish. Size: 16" height, 23.25" width, 11.5" depth
item #1307535
Antique Japanese Two Section Kiri Tansu
Charming Japanese two section kiri (paulownia) wood tansu with blonde drawer fronts and brown lacquer frame. Simple in design, with round iron lock plates and warabite handles. Interior of drawers have remnants of old rice paper lining. Size: 42" height, 35.75" width, 16" depth (equal height each section)
item #1307412
Chinese Antique Large Enamel Bowl and Carved Hardwood Stand
Chinese antique large lobed bowl, made of heavy copper and enameled with raised repouse design of flowers and scrolling vines on the outside and with lovely yellow enamel on the inside. The enamel work on the flowers is delicately done with lovely colors on a yellow ground to match the inside of the dish. The stand is made of hardwood and intricately carved with elaborate details and long curving legs. 18th/19th century. Size of the bowl: 2 1/2" high x 15 1/4" long x 10 3/4" wide. Size... Click for details
item #1307410
Chinese Gilt Lacquer Panel Carving
Chinese horizontal panel carving with red lacquer and gilt accenting. A strong central figure stands with a person kneeling before him, and two heavenly figures on horseback to either side. Many other smiling figures gather closely while tree branches hang from below. The panel is framed and bordered in soft velvet. Size: 30.5" length, 12.25" height, 2.5" width
item #1307406
Chinese Gilt Carved Panel
Chinese lacquer carved panel with gilt scene of imperials. An armored soldier sits in a tall boat while an imperial man and horse horse stand ashore beside him. Five court hands stand above wielding a flag and various staffs/emblems. The carving is framed with a red cloth border with gilt edges. Size: 19" height, 13" width, 2" depth
item #1307401
Chinese Carved Gilt Lacquer Panel
Chinese beautiful lacquer carved panel with gilt mountain temple scene. Pairs of exotic birds decorate the sides of the panel, while men, women, and children lead horses in exploration. Size: 19.5" height, 8" width, 2.25" depth
item #1307393
Small Japanese Multi Layer Lacquer Stand
An interesting Japanese multi -layer lacquer stand with mother of pearl inlay. Top surface has oil spill pattern in hues of red, black, and orange with green accenting. Taisho Period (circa 1950's). Dimensions: 18" Long X 12 1/2" Wide X 4" High
item #1307312
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