Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Unusual Philippines Hardwood Side Table
Unusual special hardwood side table or stand with a beautiful dramatic woodgrain. It is of an hourglass form and is very heavy. Very fun interesting stand. Size: 25.5" height, 12.5" width
item #1303899
Chinese Emerald Green Jade Ring 14K
A beautiful jadeite in a wonderful emerald green tone, mounted on a 14K gold band with feminine form. Band is marked "14K" and "5.85". Size: .75 cm x 1 cm
item #1303887
Japanese Kaidon (Step) Tansu
Japanese kaidon tansu, or step tansu with glowing hardwood finish, Hinoki (cypress) frame and Sugi wood steps. The bottom two steps have Keyaki (elm) front drawers with warabite iron handles. A Sugi wood cabinet door with vertical slats opens from the largest area with roomy storage. Unusual Size, very usable. Size: 45.25" height, 31.5" length, 23.25" depth
item #1303780
Very Large Chinese Jade Carving of 8 Immortals on Dragon
A very large and extravagant Chinese jade carving of a dragon carrying the Eight Immortals on his back. Each Immortal is seated holding their individual attributes, and is surrounded by auspicious elements such as lotus pods, peaches, mushrooms, and flowers. Large fruit are carved along the dragon's neck such as a pomegranate and a buddha's hand citron. The body of the dragon is a deep, spinach green fading into lighter green towards the head, and the carved Immortals along its backside are a... Click for details
item #1303772
Japanese Pair of Lacquered Hokai Boxes
Pair of cylindrical, footed, ribbed boxes with circular lids. The food container or game box is lacquered in black with 9 "mitsudome" mon pattern on four sides. The four feet are decorated with incised brass hard mounts and its lid and box are held together with original pale green silk cord tassels.

Meiji Age (1868 - 1912)

Dimensions: 13" height x 13.5" width
item #1303681
Antique Nepalese Clay Vishnu
Antique Nepalese clay sculpture of a four-armed deity, most likely Vishnu. He is seated upon a lotus throne, with an arch of transcript around his head denoting a religious mantra. Size: 4.75" height, 3.5" width, 1.5" thickness
item #1303568
Antique Nepalese Clay Monk Sculpture
Antique Nepalese clay sculpture of a robed monk, seated on a lotus throne in meditation. He wears a crown and holds a staff of some kind. Solid and heavy. Size: 5.5" height, 3.5" width, 1.75" thickness
item #1303565
Antique Nepalese Lacquer Garuda
Antique Nepalese lacquer garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology. He bites the head of a snake or naga, his sworn enemy. He is colored with deep green and red pigment lacquer. Size: 5" height, 4.25" width
item #1303277
Chinese Jadeite and 14K Gold Ring
Chinese ring with green jadeite oval shaped cabochon, mounted on a 14K good ring (with gold mark), the jadeite is encircled in a ring of leaves and raised up with an open back to maximize the light shining through stone. Size: 1.7cm x 1cm
item #1303184
Antique Nepalese Clay Buddha Triangle
Antique Nepalese Buddhist clay triangle with 10 small seated buddhas, coated in a red and gold lacquer. 19th Century Size: 3.25" height, 2.5" width, .75" thick
item #1303181
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