Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Antique Fu Dog Netsuke by Minkoku
Antique Japanese fu dog netsuke, with open mouth and front paw resting upon a hollow xi qui ball. Beautifully carved with attention to detail. A tiny ball has been carved to roll around loosely within its mouth. The bottom has been engraved with the artist's signature "Genryosai Minkoku". Lived and work in Edo, Japan. Edo Age- Early 19th century Size: 1.5" height, 1.5" width, 1.25" depth
item #1310368
Antique Japanese Book of Prints w/ Beautiful Ladies
Antique Japanese book of 24 delightful woodblock prints, all with beautiful ladies in kimonos in various court scenes. The book can be read front or backwards and is covered by woven blue fabric with orange flowers. Most likely a gallery collection from the meiji period. Size : 9.5" x 7" x 1"
item #1310298
Antique Japanese Ikebana Basket
Exceptionally beautiful Japanese basket for ikebana (art of flower arranging). The handle is made with natural burl Cherry branch. The body is globular with large woven bamboo and a wide, flat rim. Perfect condition. Taisho Period (circa 1920's) Size: 18" height, 9.5" width
item #1310217
Antique Chinese Branch Opium Pipe
Antique Chinese branch opium pipe, coated in a rich black lacquer, with bone mouthpiece and metal fittings. The branch has beautiful, natural knots and gnarls with a thinner branch wrapping around it. 19th Century, original piece Size : 25.5" length, 2" thick
item #1310101
Large 19th Century Chinese Burl Hardwood Stand
Large Chinese hardwood burl stand with a beautiful, asymmetrical shape with plenty of knots, crevices, and holes. Beautiful original piece and wonderful woodgrain. Makes an excellent stool. 19th Century Size: 13" height, 17" width, 14" depth
item #1309984
Japanese Keyaki Ranma with Cranes
A long Japanese ranma / transom Finely hand carved from Keyaki (hardwood), beautifully carved with a scene of cranes underneath the branches of a pine tree. Edged in black with attractive woodgrain. Original Condition Size: 73.5" length, 17.5" height, 1" depth
item #1309966
Charming Chinese Monochrome Eggplant Water Pot Porcelain
Splendid antique Chinese porcelain water pot in the shape of an egglplant with dark peachbloom glaze. Period: 19th century, Qing Dynasty. Size: 4" length and 2.25" height
item #1309963
Stunning Antique Japanese Solid Keyaki Yonezawa Tansu
Antique Japanese Solid keyaki (elm) low tansu from the Yonezawa region. The top long drawer has an iron locking plate in it center, incised with bamboo leaves, and two sliding doors below. Very heavy solid original piece. 100% original condition and finish. Meiji age (1868-1912) Size: 18.75" height, 34.25" width, 16.25" depth
item #1309730
Large original Antique Japanese Oribe Bowl
Antique Japanese large oribe bowl with cream crackle glaze, short basket style handles with bright blue-green glaze dripping down the sides of the bowl, designs of wavy lines and dots along the rim, bold floral patterns on the interior, swirling pattern on the foot. A truly beautiful piece. 19th century. All original condition. Size: 7.25" height, 15.5" width
item #1309729
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Japanese Framed Persimmon Print by Haku Maki
Japanese framed print by sosaku-hanga artist Haku Maki (1924-2000) titled "Work 73-122". Depiction of a bright embossed persimmon against black background. Signed in pencil with red artist's cartouche. Set in a black and gold wooden frame. Size: 17.25" height, 14" width (entire frame) 11.25" height, 8.5" width
item #1309667
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