Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Bronze Gu Vase
Antique Chinese bronze gu vase. A bronze wine vessel (gu), late Shang dynasty, 12th-11th century BC, with two pieces that separate in the middle, trumpet neck, and archaic taotie style designs along the body. Beautiful patina with crack in rim. Most likely produced in the Ming Dynasty. Size: 11.5" height, 6.25" diameter
item #1311457
Antique Chinese Eggshell Porcelain Bowl
Antique Chinese eggshell porcelain bowl with black enamel lingzhi mushroom design along the inner and outer rim, and an incredibly charming black enamel dragon with flowers on the inside center. The outside edge is decorated with a bright enamel scene of eight immortals with scholar's objects. The foot bears a Qian Long mark. Circa 1940. Size: 2.5" height, 5" diameter
item #1311452
Chinese Antique Bronze Censor with Two Chimera
Chinese antique bronze oval shaped censor, handles in the form of two chimera appear to slink around the rim on either end, standing on four small feet, signed with Xuande mark on the bottom. A very special piece of true authenticity. Size: 3 1/2" high x 7" wide
item #1311450
Antique Himalayan Bronze Buddha
Antique Himalayan bronze Buddha seated upon a lotus throne, in the bhumisparsa mudra. The bottom is embossed with a flower petal design. Provenance: Andrew G. Jameson Estate. 19th/20th Century Size: 4" height, 3" width, 2.25" depth
item #1311446
Antique Chinese Huanghuali Stool
A beautiful Chinese huanghuali stool, Full carbon dated Report: circa 1750. Glowing original finish in wonderful condition. Stunning wood grain. Circa: 18th/19th Century Size: 19.5" height, 16" width, 15.5" depth
item #1311438
Antique Chinese Hardwood Table
Antique Chinese hardwood low-table with a fantastic grain and finish. The underside panels have elongated pierced accents and well carved detailing. Simply elegant design. 19th/20th Century Size: 25.25" height, 39.25" length, 39.25" width
item #1311426
Antique Japanese Fu Dog Menuki
Antique Japanese bronze Shakudo (mixture of Gold and Copper) menuki of a fu dog with signature engraved on its backside. Menuki are one of many components to a Japanese sword, mounted as an ornament on the tsuka (handle). They are believed by some to secure the swordsman's grip. Size: 1 1/4" Long x .5" wide
item #1310950
Antique Japanese Book of Prints
Antique Japanese book of 34 various woodblock prints. Each page vividly depicts a story, with bright color and exciting subjects. The outside is covered in brick red fabric with flowers. Size: 13.5" x 9" x .75"
item #1310857
Mounted Jizai Okimono Articulated Spiny Lobster
Hard to find, 19th Japanese articulated spiny lobster. Loss case method of solid copper. Each piece is meticulously cast and fitted with all 10 legs and long antenna. Fully articulated and movable, the lobster if fully splayed for viewing on a complex mounted stand.

For a similar example, see Meiji No Takara, Metalwork II, number 112.
Original eyes with no missing pieces. High quality custom iron stand is included.

Early Meiji Period (1868 -... Click for details
item #1310734
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Antique Japanese Bronze Usubata
Antique Japanese bronze usubata with small birds done in silver overlay, and silver inlay of ocean waves. The handles are of an unusual shape. Nice patina. Deco period c1930. Size: 10.5" height, 12" diameter
item #1310645
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