Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Very Large Japanese Goddess Print by Mayumi Oda
A bright, beautiful woodblock print by Mayumi Oda (1941-present), headlining her exhibition in the Satori Gallery, San Francisco, January 1982. It is numbered 93/250 and signed/copyrighted in pencil. Largest prints she has made. Size: 39.5" height, 28" width
item #1305495
Antique Japanese Small Kiri Tansu
A charming Japanese small tansu made from kiri (paulownia) wood, with attractive, simple iron fittings. Each drawer features a round iron lock plate and gunbai style handles. Size: 22.5" height, 25" width, 13" depth
item #1305410
Antique Chinese Framed Moon Painting by Taoran Yu
A beautiful and exquisite Chinese painting, signed Tao Ran Yu, with red chop in corner. The painting is a foggy, snowy scene with an icy river flowing down its center. Snowy mountains loom in the distance, with a full moon peering through the fog. Many stalks of bamboo and blades of grass are covered in blueish ice. Flecks of mica have been incorporated to give the picture a shimmery appearance. Framed. Size: (entire frame) 16.75" height, 20.5" width (painting only) 13.5" height, 17.5"... Click for details
item #1305332
Antique Chinese Scroll Painting signed Bada Shanren
Antique Chinese scroll painting, signed Bada Shanren (1626-1705) of two small birds sitting upon a rock structure, with a tree branch hanging overhead. Has red artist's chop in corner, inscribed and signed.

Size: (entire scroll) 90" height, 19" width (painting only) 36.5" height, 13.25" width
item #1305317
Antique Tekke Garden Design Rug
Antique Turkmen rug with a Tekke garden design in red, black, navy, cream, and tan wool. Good condition, very soft. 19th Century, Stunning Rug. Size: 52" x 50"
item #1305108
Antique Kurdish Blue Diamond Carpet
Antique Kurdish woven rug with blue, red, yellow, and green diamond design. In good condition, with a beautiful sheen. 19th Century, Bag face. Size: 48" x 49"
item #1305106
Antique Japanese Ikebana Bamboo Basket
Antique Japanese woven bamboo basket for ikebana, or flower arrangements. The body has a gourd form, inside it holds a large bamboo vase lined in metal. Size: 16.5" height, 9" width
item #1304877
Antique Japanese Kiri Bedside Tansu
A charming Japanese kiri (paulownia) wood bedside tansu. The metal hardware pairs nicely with the very light wood, creating attractive simplicity. Taisho age (1912-1925) Size: 19" height, 23.75" width, 11.75" depth
item #1304803
Chinese Jadeite Cigarette Holder with Gold Accents
A Chinese jadeite cigarette holder that has been fashioned into a pendant, with a gold band around the body and gold flower shaped plates on both ends. The white jade has luminescent apple green areas and natural tan veining towards the top. Size: 2.5" length, .5" width
item #1304075
Chinese Jadeite Long Cigarette Holder
A beautiful jadeite cigarette holder, carved with a smooth, rounded mouth piece and a thin incised line where the cylindrical body meets the handle. The jade has is a wonderful blue green tone with splashes of spinach green toward the end and apple green areas by the mouthpiece. Size: 3.5" length, .25" width
item #1304065
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