Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Woodblock Print signed Y Jisaku
Japanese framed woodblock print signed "Y Jisaku" titled "Winter Afternoon". Numbered 4/77 with signature in pencil. Size: 23" height, 18.75" width, 1.2" depth (in frame) 17" height, 13.75" width (artwork only)
item #1309645
Antique Chinese Pair of Hardwood Barrel Stools
Antique Chinese pair of stunning barrel stools made out of Huali wood. The top and bottom are carved with studs just like a real barrel. Beautiful wood grain and shine. 20th century Size: 18" height, 15.5" width
item #1309531
Antique Japanese Nabeshima Bowl with Scholar Objects
Antique Japanese Nabeshima ware bowl, with cobalt blue design of waves and an array of scholar objects in mint green, lilac, yellow, and red glaze. Edges are decorated with "comb" design along foot. Underside has interesting signature mark of a budding flower. 19th century. Size: 6" diameter, 1.5" height
item #1309445
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Antique Kurdish Kilim Saddle Bag
Kurdish antique saddle bag most likely for use on a donkey, made in slit-tapestry technique in a variety of colors, woven in one long piece and the folded over on either side to make two storage pouches. The primary central motif is that of two eight armed stars, below this another half reserve with two half-stars and surrounding it all is a beautiful decorative guard band delineated by narrow fence motifs. The open edge of each pouch is outfitted with a colorful series of tabs most likely... Click for details
item #1309443
Rectangular Kurdish Kilim Carpet
Antique Kurdish tribal rug, made up of four separately hand knotted panels sewn together, possibly originally meant for use as a utilitarian bedding bag (mafrash), beautiful array of colors, the two central panels are framed in a decorative guard band for protective strength, the interior motif appears closest to a rosette motif although could be stylized version of the wheel of life motif, wonderfully integrated into the main motif field are the random additions of a tiny animal figure... Click for details
item #1309441
Japanese Antique Red and Black Lacquer Box
Charming Antique Japanese box with large lid, lacquered red and black with mother of pearl inlay. Black lacquer mon of pine tree and writing in black, heavy iron hardware. Has original holes for tying top to bottom for travel. The inscription on both sides state the name of the confectioner. Trans: Confectioners Matsuzaka Asano Rokkado. Late Edo Period- Meiji Period (19th century). Size: 17" high x 16" wide x 13 1/2" deep.
item #1309437
Antique Original Edo Period Japanese Choba (merchant's tansu)
Antique Japanese merchant's chest (choba tansu), made of sugi (cryptomeria) wood with dark red lacquer finish, 4 exterior drawers and safe box with 2 small interior drawers. Beautiful heavy iron hardware including elaborate bracing on front frame, wooden bracing on sides and back. From the Mikuni area in Japan. Edo Period (late 18th Century. Stunning original Condition. Size: 32 1/2" high x 38" wide x 18" deep.
item #1309436
Japanese Gold Lacquer Hiramaki-e Letter Box
The Hiramaki-e technique, which dates from the latter part of the Heian Period (794-1185), was preceded by Togidashi maki-e, a technique in which not only the design, but the whole surface is covered with clear lacquer after the sprinkling of metal powder. The lacquer is then polished down to reveal the design.

The Japanese letter box is decorated in low relief of mountainous terrain and a stylized linear mist or cloud line. The interior ground is lacquered and sprinkled with gold... Click for details
item #1309369
Japanese Meiji Period Boxwood Monkey Eating Okimono
Charming Monkey eating persimmon boxwood okimono. Verly well detailed fur and paws naturalistically rendered. signed in an oblong cartouche Sinsei. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912) Dimensions: 1.5 inches high. Good condition and patina.
item #1309363
Antique Japanese Nabeshima Bowl with Gourds
Antique Japanese Nabeshima ware bowl, with blue gourds hanging from a vine and two red flower buds with gilt pigment accents on the stem and around the bowl's rim. Blue butterflies decorate the outer edge and "comb" design along foot. Provenance sticker from Japanese antique dealer Shiota in San Francisco. 19th century. Size: 6" diameter, 1.5" height
item #1309067
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