Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Gilt Fu Dog Menuki
Antique Japanese menuki of a snarling fu dog's head over gilt flowing "fabric", made with gold ,silver, shakudo,copper and bronze.. Menuki are one of many components to a Japanese sword, mounted as an ornament on the tsuka (handle). They are believed by some to secure the swordsman's grip. Size: 1.75" long, .5" wide
item #1313908
Antique Chinese Song Ceramic Henan Bowl
Antique Chinese henan ware ceramic bowl covered in a rich mottled blackened brown glaze with splashes of light brown, stopping midway down the bowl with two drizzles. Song Dynasty )960-1279 AD). Provenance : Estate of Dr. Graeme Hanson, San Francisco CA. Size: 2.5" height, 5.5" width
item #1313851
Chinese Jadeite Bangle
Beautiful Chinese jade of a luminescent pale green hue with splashes of deep apple green made with smooth, quality carve work. Size: 2.75" outer diameter, 2.25" inner diameter
item #1313840
Antique Chinese Song Ceramic Henan Ware Jar
Antique Chinese ceramic henan ware wide mouth jar with small handles at its sides. Song dynasty ( (960-1279 AD). Provenance: Estate of Dr. Graeme Hanson, San Francisco CA. Size: 3" height, 4.5" width
item #1313810
Antique Chinese Song Period Ceramic Box
Antique Chinese ceramic circular box with an incised six petal flower on the lid. It is glazed in white, save for the base and the interior rim as well as the underside of the lid. Dates from the Song Period Size: 2" height, 3" diameter
item #1313766
Chinese Han Dynasty Gilt Bronze Belt Hook with Two Masks
Chinese Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- A.D. 220) belt hook. Made of bronze and gilded over entire surface. This belt hook has two Taotie masks, one on either side. The end of the hook itself is shaped in the form of a tiny chimera. Comes with stand.

Size of belt hook: 5 7/8" long
item #1313763
Chinese Gold Landscape Painting
A breathtaking Chinese gold landscape painting, signed by Guang San Yiu, a student to the renowned artist Zhang Da Qian (1899-1983). Splashes of navy blue and green pigment upon the gold background creates an incredibly pleasing color palette. Size: (total size) 61" length, 29" height (painting only) 49" length, 23" height
item #1313762
Chinese Han Dynasty Gilt Bronze Chimera
Wonderful Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC to AD 220) figure of a chimera. The mythical creature is whimsically posed with it's head turned over it's shoulder and it's mouth wide with it's tongue out. It's feet are hooves and on it's back are wings. Made of bronze and gilded, beautiful patina, eyes are made of inlaid turquoise. Size; 5 1/4" wide x 4 3/8" high.
item #1313755
Antique Chinese Song Dynasty Bowl
Antique Chinese Five Dynasties/Northern Song ceramic bowl with a white glaze, incised ring in the inner center and a rolled rim. The underside of the bowl has glaze drips around the foot that resembles an eye. (age 907-1127 AD) Size: 2.25" height, 7" diameter
item #1313679
Antique Chinese Song Dynasty Scalloped Bowl
Antique Chinese Southern Song ceramic bowl with scalloped rim and incised, cloud like design in middle center. Extremely thin and delicate with lovely crackle yingqing glaze. (age 960-1279 AD) Size: 1.75" height, 4.75" diameter
item #1313677
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