Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Song Dynasty Ladies Sleeping Pillow
Antique Chinese Song Dynasty ladies sleeping pillow. The pillow is decorated with black swaths on the top of the cushion, the sides are modeled with arabesques and other shapes. It shows some signs of age. It measures 4.5" deep 7.5" wide at top 4" tall, base: 4.5" by 3.5" Song Dynasty: 960-1279
item #1318110
Antique Japanese Scroll of Monkey Dancing the Sambaso
Antique Japanese hanging scroll of a monkey dancing the sambaso dance. It bears two seals, reading 'Genno,' Two seals, one for whom painted the monkey, the other who wrote the calligraphy. Haiku / Waka Poem made for the New Year. Taisho Period (1912 - 1926). It measures overall: 17" wide by 76" long, image: 14.5" wide by 43" long.
item #1318043
Antique Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase
Antique Chinese famille rose porcelain vase with a scene of a pair of birds over a field of lotus. A lotus leaf bends under the weight of the birds as they look through the field of lotus blossoms. The reverse bears an inscription of calligraphy. The base bears a red seal. It is attributed to Shi Yuchu. It measures 10" tall, 2.25" wide at the mouth, 2" 3/8" at base.
item #1318036
Antique Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Brush Pot
Antique Chinese Famille Rose porcelain brush pot with scenes of a pair of birds of paradise in a garden of peonies and chrysanthemums with butterflies flying about. It bears a seal on the base. It is attributed to Jia Qing. It measures 5.75" tall 5" wide at mouth, 4.75" at base.
item #1318033
Antique Japanese Velvet Painting "Yuzen Birodo"
Antique Japanese velvet painting "Yuzen Birodo". It is a beautiful image of Mount Fuji with a small town on a lake, the foreground is full of water lilies. It bears a seal in the bottom right of the image. Yuzen Birodo or velvet painting was a technique made popular during the 17th century. The artist would work using a special process of dying where the image is created in the weave of the fabric thus creating an image of rich colors. It measures framed: 26" wide 28" tall, image: 23" wide... Click for details
item #1318010
Chinese Painting of Grapes attributed to Luo Yin
Chinese painting of grapes attributed to Luo Yin, a pupil of Pu Ru, 1896-1963. This was painted in the spring of 1970 according to the inscription. Luo Yin wrote several books about his master Pu Ru, known for his calligraphy and painting. This piece measures framed: 31.5" wide by 60.5" tall image:25" by 45". It has 4 seals.
item #1318008
Chinese Painted Copy of a Landscape Scroll by Fang Cong Yi
Chinese 20th century hanging scroll painting of a landscape. A painted copy of a work by the famous artist Fang Cong Yi. The scroll has 18 seals. The landscape is dramatic and tranquil beginning in the mountains, descending through the ravines with a waterfall ending in a lake, where a monk crosses a bridge. It measures 25" wide 113" long overall, the image 18" by 69".
item #1318003
Chinese Painted Copy of a Landscape Scroll by Bian Lu
Chinese painted landscape scroll. A 20th century copy of a scroll by the famous Yuan Dynasty artist Bian Lu. A beautiful landscape scene, with twisting mountain paths and overhanging trees. An array of red seals along the edges of the painting. Size: 81" H, 33" W (entire scroll) 50" H, 25" W (painting only)
item #1317752
Japanese Antique Indigo Ikat Happi Coat
Japanese cotton happi coat, ikat with sashiko stitching all over in brown thread, lined in light brown cotton, edged with black cotton on neck and very thin line of black cotton edging on all edges, side split detail, Meiji Period (1868 - 1912) Size: 31" high x 46 3/4" wide
item #1317751
Japanese Signed Scroll Painting of Bird on Persimmon Tree
Japanese large scroll painting of a colorful bird seated on a persimmon tree branch, a bright persimmon hanging overhead. Signature and red seal in left corner. Provenance: Collection of Trotter's Antiques, Pacific Grove CA. Size: 88" H, 19" W (entire scroll), 31" H, 11.5" W (painting only)
item #1317747
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