Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Cloisonne Box
Antique Chinese cloisonne box decorated with a beautiful floral pattern of chrysanthemums, peonies, and other flowers. The lid of the box is hinged, it has an auspicious symbol in the middle of the box. The box is supported by four small round metal feet, the underside is sky blue. The interior of the box is lined with wood and has two compartments. Republic Period (Circa 1912) It measures 5.75" deep 4" tall 9.25" wide.
item #1315898
Antique Chinese Round Cloisonne Container
Antique Chinese cloisonné round container with enamel floral and "Shou" designs. The top of the lid has a round, flat jade finial. The inside top and bottom of the container has a center lotus design with inlaid metal scrolling vine patterns upon light blue enamel. Republic Period (Circa 1912) Size: 7.5" height, 11" width
item #1315562
Antique Chinese Purple and Green Jadeite Carving
Antique Chinese jadeite carving of two identical furry critters, possibly foxes, curled together in a yin yang fashion. The jadeite has parts that are a glowing lavender with muted green areas. The carving is pierced through and may be worn as a pendant. Size: 2" width, .75" thickness
item #1315549
Antique Chinese Porcelain Round Container
Antique Chinese round porcelain box with colorful enamel dragon and phoenix on the lid with gilt accenting, smoke and flame motifs decorating the body, with enamel wave design at the foot. Guangzu mark on bottom. Size: 5" height, 9" width
item #1315538
Antique Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Gu Vase
Antique Chinese blue and white porcelain gu (wine vessel) vase. Its sides are decorated with multiple panels depicting oceanside scenes, each section separated by a ring of swirling patterns. The bottom of the vase is marked with a double ring. Early Republic Period (circa 1910) Size: 16.5" height
item #1315321
Chinese Hardwood Solid Hardwood small Cabinet
Small Chinese cabinet with open shelf for display, cabinet doors open to compartment with one interior shelf, made of hardwood. Made in China for export to Japan. c. 1900. Size: 30" high x 24" wide x 16 3/4" deep.
item #1315298
Original Antique Kiri Ko Tansu with locking safe
Charming original blond Ko (small) tansu with locking bar and safe (with Key). Many drawers of different sizes with great original black iron hirsute shaped drawer hardware. Wonderful unusual design for a ko tansu. Overall in great shape. Edo Age: 1840's (pre - Dates Meiji period). Dimension: 16 3/4" high X 24 1/2" wide X 16 1/4" deep (Would Look stunning on a Custom Black Iron Stand (we made in house).
item #1315278
Japanese Antique 2-section Kiri Isho (clothing) Tansu
Original blond two section Antique Japanese Isho tansu. Beautiful natural kiri wood used in the entire construction of the piece. Kiri has desirable breathing characteristics for a clothing tansu. Wonderful original black iron Full Moon hardware with locking side handles. Overall in wonderful condition with top and sides of both pieces finished nicely. Dimensions: 41 1/2" high X 34 1/2" wide X 16" deep (height is taken when pieces are stacked) Early Meiji period (1868 - 1912)
item #1315276
Chinese Jade Belt Hook with Carved Chimera
Chinese jadeite belt hook carved with a chimera climbing on the body of a dragon with arching head, pale green tones in the head of the dragon turning into bright, luminescent apple green tones down the back of the chimera to the other end. Size: 5" length, 1" thick
item #1315214
Chinese Antique Soapstone Carving of Old Poet and Boy in Snow
Chinese soapstone carving of a scene from a folk tale: the famous Tang Dynasty poet, Meng Haoran (689-740) ventures out into the snow with his young attendant in search of plum blossoms in the snowy hills. In finding this hint of early spring, he hoped to find inspiration for his poems. They see an amazing plum tree starting it's bloom in the cold of late winter. In this story sculpture, the scene is played out in beautiful soapstone; white sheets of ice and snow, orange rock is carved... Click for details
item #1315213
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