Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Framed Fan Painting by Huang Shanshou
Antique Chinese framed fan painting by artist Huang Shanshou (1855-1919) of two immortals sitting under a tree. Signed with cartouche. Early 20th century Size: (entire frame) 21.5" height, 27.5" width (artwork only) 9.75" height, 19" width
item #1299592
Chinese Framed Fan Painting signed Feng Chaoran
Chinese framed fan painting signed Feng Chaoran (1882-1954) of a mountainous scene by the water. Signed and sealed. Early 20th century. Size: (entire frame) 21.5" height, 27.5" width (artwork only) 9.75" height, 19" width
item #1299585
Japanese Framed Print by Takahiko Hayashi
A breathtaking framed woodblock print by artist Takahiko Hayashi (1961-present) titled "The Wind Filled with Roots, Countless Small Beginnings". Hundreds of small overlapping swirls may represent gusts of wind blowing over bold blades of grass, with a gradating background of golden and deep brown hues. The top of a single, transparent red block sits in the very bottom center of the print. Signed, titled, and numbered 47/50 in pencil. It is set in a wonderful, attractive gilt frame with a bold... Click for details
item #1299473
Japanese Pipe Kanban Shop Sign
A unique Japanese kanban (shop sign) in the shaped of a pipe, with gilt kanji. It hangs from a length of iron chain. A very fun and attractive piece. Vintage age c1950 Size: 8" height (17.5" hanging) 26.5" length
item #1299099
Antique Japanese Large Iron Lantern with Kiri Blossom
Antique Japanese large iron lantern in two sections, wonderful form with lamp section cut out with kiri blossom motifs, Meiji Period c1900 Size: 21" high x 14" wide
item #1299032
Antique Japanese Kiri Ko Tansu
Antique Japanese ko-dansu/tansu made from kiri (paulownia) wood with brick red lacquer finish. Has heavy iron hardware such as handles in a style called "hirute". Original finish, excellent condition. Edo age (1615-1867) Size: 26.5" height, 31" width, 15.5" depth
item #1299022
Antique Japanese Ceramic Tanuki Garden Lantern
Large Interesting Japanese Ceramic Tanuki. A real animal, Similar to a badger (ana-guma) and the raccoon (aria-guma). Some say the large scrotum is a reminder is a reminder not to be stingy. Circa 1930's Dimensions: 32 1/2" High X 14" Wide X 12" Deep
item #1299004
Framed Woodblock Print by Okiie Hashimoto
Framed Japanese woodblock print by artist Okiie Hashimoto (1899-1993) Signed in pencil, with inscription and artist's cartouche. Circa 1959. Size: (entire frame) 35.25" height, 29.25" width (artwork only) 22.5" height, 17.5" width
item #1298912
Antique Chinese Pair of Hardwood Cabinets
Antique Chinese pair of beautiful hardwood cabinets (jumu wood) with open display shelves that have carved side panels with dragons and flora. Its two swinging doors with dramatic woodgrain open with brass fittings and have a roomy, shelved interior within. The finish of the wood is deep red with brown-orange highlights. 19th century. Size: 71" height, 31.5" width, 21.5" depth
item #1298907
Japanese Musha Ningyo (Warrior Doll) of Minamoto Yoshitsune
Japanese antique large musha ningyo (samurai warrior doll) of the great epic hero, Minamoto no Yoshitsune. His handsome face is set in a determined expression, he is seated with sword and saihai (command baton). He wears a spiked helmut, armor and silk robe woven with dragons. Edo Period. Size: 26" high (to very tip of helmet)
item #1298902
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