Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Pair of Jade Brush Washers
Beautiful pair of Chinese jadeite brush washers, carved into lotus leaves. The jade has beautiful light green and deep, spinach green tones as well as areas of brown or beige. One has some losses. 19th century Size: 4" length, 3" width, .5" thickness
item #1293117
Indonesian Silver Fu Dog Container
Indonesian nickle silver box in the form of a fu dog with long fangs and its tongue sticking out, engraved spiral and wave patterns decorating the entire body. 20th century. Size: 6.26" height, 9" length
item #1293044
Antique Chinese Opium Lamp
Antique Chinese inlaid silver opium lamp with elegant geometric open designs. Its sides have repeating Chinese characters and cute figures with remnants of cloisonné. Signature on bottom. 19th century or early 20th. Size: 3.25" height, 3" width
item #1293038
Chinese Ceramic Figure with Mark of Fujian Club
A whimsical ceramic figure of a stout man squatting with his hands on his hips and a blue bowl/object protruding from his belly. His bottoms have been glazed in blue with green and yellow star patterns and a red sash. The bottom has been engraved "Fujian Huiguan" (Fujian Club), "Jing De Zhen made". Dates from the 19th century Size: 5.25" height, 3.5" width
item #1292770
Japanese Woodblock Print by Yoshitoshi Mori
Japanese framed woodblock print of a nude woman sitting on blue robes, combing her hair. Signed Yoshitoshi Mori (1898-1992), dated 1977. Number 50/80 of its series. Red seal in corner. Size: (entire frame) 25.75" height, 19.25" width (print only) 20" height, 13.75" width
item #1292069
Japanese Set of 3 Woodblock Prints by Hiroshige
A set of three framed woodblock prints by artist Hiroshige depicting a busy street at night, a boat scene, and a small, upscale gathering. The similar usage of deep blue in each print is complimentary to the set. Size: (entire frame) 12.25" height, 22.25" width (each print) 6.25" height, 4" width
item #1292058
Japanese Antique Noh Actor Doll
Japanese antique doll of a Noh theatre actor in the costume of Ko-Omote the beautiful young woman, dressed in a summer robe with gold flower basket on back, elaborate headress, removable mask reveals the face of the actor, Taisho Period.
item #1291591
Japanese Pair of 3-Section Kimono Tansu
Antique Japanese pair of three-section kiri (paulownia) wood tansu, with metal hirute shaped handles and fan-shaped locks on multi-sized drawers. The top section of each tansu has two large sliding doors, with inner shelving carved in an attractive alter style and two small drawers. One tansu has a middle section with two large doors on attractive hinges incised with a motif of kiri leaves, and a round pierced metal decoration with kiri leaves and flowers. Inside are four sliding drawers for the... Click for details
item #1291579
Japanese Antique Wood Carved Doll of Shoki the Demon Queller
Antique Japanese carved wooden figure of Shoki the Demon Queller, beautifully carved with billowing robe, covered in gold brocade obi fabric, this is an unusually exquisite version of the commonly smaller and plainer Kimekomi-ningyo. The movement of the drapery and intense facial expression with hand-painted eyes tell of the artistic skill used in the making of this doll. This doll is published in "Japanese Dolls by Allan Scott Pate page 97 plate 127".

Taisho Period (1912-1925)... Click for details
item #1291438
Antique Chinese Carved Jade with Butterfly
Antique Chinese pierced jadeite plaque carved with the double happiness symbol and a butterfly on top. From the collection of Mrs. Ellen Sutton in Incline Village, NV. Size: 2.75" height, 1.75" width, .25 thickness
item #1291306
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