Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Herb Drawer Tansu
Beautiful Antique Japanese koruri dans also known as an apothecary tansu. Made from kiri and sugi wood, with one hundred and two small drawers! Each inscribed with the name of a herb/medicine that was to be stored in slotted compartments. There are two thin drawers at its center bottom with flower shaped handle backs and two larger drawers at either side. Each drawer has a round black iron handles.

Early Meiji period (1868-1912)

Size: 33" height, 33" length, 7.25" depth
item #1325930
Japanese Contemporary Jewelry Box
Contemporary Japanese Jewelry box made from Keyaki hardwood. This wood has been "recycled" from old buildings in Japan and used to make High quality contemporary Japanese Furniture. Beautiful warm finish with great detail in the quality of construction. Dimensions: 11" High X 10 1/2" Long X 9" Deep
item #1325927
Stunning Korean Three Section Cabinet with Inlay
Antique Korean three section lacquer cabinet, with elaborate inlaid scenes of various birds, deer, fish, and flowers. Auspicious creatures with fish tails, turtle shells, and the head of mammals are also seen in several panels. Brass hardware decorates the pieces such as butterfly shaped lockplates and hinges. Each section has double doors with wonderful paintings inside each door, depicting various scenes of nature and happy school children. 19th century Size: 69" H x 39" W x 21" D
item #1325584
Japanese Hibachi with Machi-e Lacquer and Inlay
Japanese hibachi, or brazier, made of an attractive wood exterior and inlaid with flowers and overlaid with gold macho-e lacquer. Remnants of ash on the interior add to its charm. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). Original finish and condition. Size: 9.5" H x 14" W
item #1325486
Japanese Boxwood Okimono of a Lady and Octopus
Japanese antique okimono carved of boxwood in the form of a lovely lady standing with an octopus. A whimsical scene with the lady holding the "nose" of the octopus who in return is sneaking his tentacle up her kimono. Wonderful attention to detail can be seen in the weaving of the basket behind the two figures as well as in the suction cups of the tentacles and the fashionable Edo Period knot in the woman's long hair. Unsigned. Edo Period. Size: 2 1/2" high x 2" wide.
item #1325484
Antique Japanese Hourglass Shape Ikebana Basket
Antique Japanese Ikebana flower basket, made with split bamboo of spiraling rope design with interlocking bamboo handle. The boy has a natural flowing hourglass shape. Stunning Original condition with no issues. Size: 22" H x 11" W
item #1325482
Antique Japanese Woven Ikebana Basket
Antique Japanese ikebana basket with a large, rounded body like a vase, woven with very large strips of bamboo over smaller strips tightly woven. The handle is made with natural burly wisteria branches. Many baskets where not signed due to the individual "style" each basket had. One could view a basket and know who the artist was. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). Size: 23" H x 12" W
item #1325480
Antique Japanese Large Woven Basket signed Chiku'unsai
Antique Japanese large woven ikebana basket, used for artistic flower arrangements. The basket body has an open flat plate with woven geometric design. Chiku'unsai is known for adding natural found objects as shown of gnarled bamboo handle. He allows us to see the beauty in this state. The wide, flat foot is signed on the bottom "Chiku'unsai"


Size: 19" H x 18" W
item #1325476
Antique Japanese Ikebana Basket signed Kazutomi
Antique Japanese ikebana (flower arranging) basket of a very tall, slender form. The body is woven in criss-cross patterns with slim, tightly woven accents at the top and very middle. The inside has a slim bamboo container. Bottom is signed "Kazutomi". Size: 23" H x 5.5" W
item #1325471
Antique Japanese Two Section Tansu w/ Stand
Antique Japanese two-section tansu in gorgeous original Keyaki (hardwood) with original lacquer finish, with red lacquer top and sides. Iron hardware of a rosy tone adorns each corner and drawer front, such as kakute (squared) shape handles and fleur de lis style locks. Side safe box holds two small drawers within for small treasures. The tansu sits on a custom stand. Key is included. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912) Size: 37" H x 33.5" W x 17" D
item #1325463
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