Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Koto (Stringed Instrument) w/ Inlay
Antique Japanese stringed instrument called a koto, with a black lacquer box lined in fabric with floral motif and a cherry blossom crest in gilt lacquer on the lid. It is made from kiri wood (paulownia) and is covered in beautiful, intricate inlay of coral, mother of pearl, and shells in the forms of various flowers and birds. A koto player would kneel before the instrument to play. Special bridges are used on each string to alter the pitch. Size: 4.5" H x 9" W x 70" L
item #1323172
Japanese Single Section Iwayado Isho Tansu
Japanese single section isho tansu (clothing chest) from the Iwayado area. It is made with keyaki (elm) wood on the front and has a beautiful all original translucent lacquer finish. This chest consists of four drawers of different sizes. Elaborate iron hardware includes a very large phoenix shaped lock plate on the top drawer and two peony shaped lock plates on two of the other drawers. Drawer pulls are warabite shaped. There is a lovely old original patina around all the iron work on the... Click for details
item #1323074
Antique Chinese Serpentine Plaque
Antique Chinese serpentine plaque in a beautiful hardwood frame. With delicately carved panels and bold grain. 19th century. Original finish on the hardwood. Size: 22.5" H, 13.75" W, 8" D
item #1322991
Antique Chinese 18th Jumu Altar Table
Antique Chinese Jumu (elm wood) Long altar table, with beautiful red original finish, carved with pierced spiral panels, nicely detailed leg panels. Beautiful condition with original finish.. 18th century. Size: 38.5" H x 97" L x 13.5" D
item #1322989
Chinese Antique Painting of Taoist Immortals
Antique Chinese painting of Taoist immortals and scenes from their stories. Swirling clouds surround each scene in a heavenly vignette. Painted in ink and light colors on paper and framed. Provenance: from the estate of James G Jameson, Southern California. 19th century. Size of painting only: 55 1/2" high x 30" wide. Size including frame: 60 3/4" high x 35" wide.
item #1322979
Chinese Northern Qi Dynasty Sandstone Buddha Head
Chinese sandstone carving of Buddha's head, a fragment from a larger statue. This buddha has delicate features and a beautiful expression with high arching brows over half lidded eyes and a slight smile. Hair is a series of continuous sweeping rows over a subtle cranial protuberance. Northern Qi Dynasty (550-577). Size of head: 12 1/2" high. Total size including stand: 18 1/2" high. (custom Black Iron Stand).
item #1322906
Chinese Qing Dynasty Lacquered Bronze Quanyin and Child
Antique Chinese figure of the goddess Quanyin seated with a child on her lap. Made of bronze and lacquered in red then black lacquer, this statue was once completely covered in gold. The goddess of compassion sits with one hand delicately balanced on her knee. The other hand holds the hand of the tiny girl-child in her lap. Both goddess and child are sculpted with beautiful expressions and naturalistic details. Qing Dynasty. Size: 24" high x 17" wide x 14" deep.
item #1322902
Original Japanese Antique Isho Tansu from the Matsumoto Area
Original example of a Japanese antique isho tansu from the Matsumoto area. Made all of kiri (paulownia) wood with original patina (frame, top, sides, and drawers). Iron hardware includes money bag shaped lock plates specific to Matsumoto tansu, moko shaped drawer pulls and elaborately cut handle back plates and drawer corner bracing. The tansu has 5 large drawers and the lower right hand side has a safe box with 2 small interior drawers.

Late Edo to Early Meiji Period.

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item #1322892
Chinese Archaic Tang Dynasty Clay Camel
Chinese archaic pottery figure of a calling camel on a solid base, made from red clay. The statue has a great, incredibly detailed form. The inside body of the camel is hollow and within it you can see finger imprints from the original artist. In wonderful, original condition. Tang Dynasty dates from AD 618-907. Size: 22" H
item #1322621
Japanese Ikabana Basket Signed Chiku'unsai
The cylindrical ovoid flower basket with overall honey combed field cushioned with horse hair. Laths composed of interlaced triangles such that each point two lath cross has four neighboring points, forming the pattern of a tri-hexagonal weave. The weaved process gives the kagome a tessellated symmetry. The mouth neck is open weave that undulate and twist onto bamboo arrow shaft that is formed and finished tightly with an insect stitching. The generous loop handle is made with bamboo arrow... Click for details
item #1322515
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