Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Antique Keyaki Tansu with Locking Bar
Antique Japanese small tansu with locking bar. Made with keyaki (elm) wood front and sugi (cryptomeria) wood sides. Each of the five drawers are different sizes making for useful storage. Nicely detailed original black Iron hardware includes square shaped handles. Beautiful crane shaped lock on one drawer and a flower shaped lock on another. Cross bracing on the locking bar (bo) with the original locking key. Original deep reddish brown translucent lacquer finish and patina. Meiji Period... Click for details
item #1327512
Chinese Small Display Cabinet
Antique Chinese beautiful hardwood display cabinet with tiered shelving. Double doors with carved mythical beasts, small hidden drawer at bottom right. The bottom panel is nicely hand carved with spirals. Chinese export made for the Japanese market. Mid 19th Century. Original finish and condition. Size: 29" H, 23.5" W, 9.5" D
item #1327434
Japanese Antique Kiri Choba with Safe Box and Key
Antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant's chest) made all of kiri (paulownia) wood with beautiful original reddish brown lacquer finish and original patina. The chest has 5 exterior drawers of different sizes making for wonderful storage. The lower right hand side of the tansu has a small safe box with original locking key. Located behind the safe door are two small interior drawers. Origianl black Iron hardware includes square shaped handles, corner bracing on the exterior drawers and nice... Click for details
item #1327426
Japanese Antique Large Single Section Futon Tansu
Antique Japanese large single section futon tansu, Two large sliding doors made with keyaki (elm) wood with dramatic grain open to one large storage compartment. Sugi (cryptomeria) wood framing with slats on the side for bracing. Black Iron hardware. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). Great for component / Media cabinet or Buffet Cabinet. Size: 34" high x 67 3/4" wide x 26 3/4" deep.
item #1327417
Chinese Pair of Display Shelves
Chinese pair of mirrored hardwood display shelves with beautiful woodgrain. Scrolling hand carved accents with hidden drawers. Very nicely detailed with wonderful original finish and condition. Republic Period circa 1950's. Size: 33" H x 18.5" W x 7" D
item #1327416
Chinese 18th Century Hardwood Altar Table
Chinese antique hardwood altar table. Stunning natural woodgrain with beautiful hand-carved panels. Pierced panels with a flame motif between each set of legs. Very heavy in weight. Mid 18th century. Origianl finish and condition. Size: 35" H x 86.5" L x 16" D
item #1327268
Antique Japanese Unusual Lacquered Arrow Case
Unusual Japanese red lacquered kiri wood arrow (ya) case, with gilt paulownia mon (crest) on its lid and sides. There underside of the lid has calligraphy. Iron hardware on lid and sides.

Edo Period (circa 1840's) Size: 37" H x 12.5" W
item #1327238
Antique Japanese Rare Kiri Tansu
Antique Japanese kiri (paulownia) wood tansu of a rare and unusual size, with beautiful rosey iron corner bracing, locks, and handles of an elegant and elongated shape. Gorgeous natural finish hardwood. Early Meiji period (1868-1912) Size: 49" L x 18" D x 26" H
item #1327010
Antique Chinese Sung Burial Jar
Antique Chinese Sung pottery burial jar traditionally used to house the ashes of the deceased, in a very light blue crackle glaze with bare foot. The lid is topped with a large crane shaped finial. The body is tall and slender with images of dragons and heavenly figures. Sung Dynasty (960 - 1279 AD) Size: 32" H x 7" W
item #1327003
Antique Japanese Large Ikebana Basket
Antique Japanese large woven bamboo ikebana (flower arranging) basket. Beautifully assembled with stunning flowing lines.. Lined with metal containers used to hold water. Very unusual size with excellent condition. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912) Size: 26" H x 16" W
item #1326908
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