Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Large Ikebana Basket
Antique Japanese large woven bamboo ikebana (flower arranging) basket. Beautifully assembled with stunning flowing lines.. Lined with metal containers used to hold water. Very unusual size with excellent condition. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912) Size: 26" H x 16" W
item #1326908
Rare Japanese Kiri Zenibako Tansu
Antique Japanese zenibako (money box) made from kiri (paulownia) wood with original dark lacquer finish. Rare and unusual for a zenibako to been this size as a Tansu. The interior is shelved behind two sliding doors with locks. Mid to Late Edo Period (circa 1800's). Size: 25" H x 29.75" L x 16" D
item #1326904
Rare Japanese Antique Samurai Armor Carrying Box (Gusoku Bitsu)
Rare Japanese gusoku bitsu (carrying box for samurai armor). Made of kiri (paulownia) wood and lacquered red and black. Unusual curved form. Leather shoulder straps for carrying. Iron hardware. Top lifts off. Decorated with the mon (crest) of the Oyamada Samurai clan. Edo Period (circa 1800's) Size: 28" high x 15" wide x 16 1/2" deep.
item #1326900
Japanese Antique Large Wooden Pulley on Iron Stand
Antique Japanese large pulley carved of beautiful hardwood on custom Iron Stand. Two wooden wheels on the inside are built to support a rope. The hardware is made of iron and includes a large swiveling hook. A wonderful example of utilitarian Mingei elevated to sculpture. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). Size of pulley including hook: 35" high x 11 1/2" wide. Height including Custom black Iron stand: 41 1/2" high
item #1326891
Antique Japanese Ikebana Basket signed Ko-Sho
Antique Japanese ikebana (flower) basket. Stunning Hand-woven in fine bamboo. signature on bottom by artist Ko-Sho. Meiji Period (1868 - 1912). Wonderful original condition. Size: 17" H x 12" W
item #1326799
Rare Antique Japanese Takayama Choba Tansu
Rare Antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant chest) from the Takayama region. Beautiful solid Keyaki (elm) wood with kayaki burl front sliding panels. Unusual design of drawers and locking bar. Excellent Original translucent lacquer finish. Late Edo Period (circa 1800's). Size: 32" H x 31.5" L x 15" D
item #1326798
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Japanese Noh Mask of Ko-omote (Young Lady)
Japanese Noh theater Ko-omote (young lady) mask. Beautifully carved out of wood and delicately painted with the rounded features and slight smile of a young lady. She has the shaved eyebrows which have been stylized and darkened up high on her forehead and the delicate blackened teeth of an upper class woman. Caved mark on the back. Showa Period (1926-1945). Size: 8 1/4" high x 5 1/4" wide.
item #1326791
Antique Chinese Suiyan Area Rug
Beautifully woven Chinese rug from the Suiyan area. Navy blue design of brocade coins on beige background.

19th century.

Size: 59" x 77.5"
item #1326790
Antique Japanese 4-Panel Gold Leaf Screen
Antique Japanese 4-panel screen with delicate painted flowers over a gold leaf background. Clouds of gold flecks decorate the sky and the open valley. Unusual size for the long four panel.

Edo period (1615-1868) Dimensions: (entire screen) 100.5" L x 36" X (painting only) 94" L x 30" H
item #1326779
Chinese Small Silver and Gold Tang Dynasty Box
Chinese Tang Dynasty small round box made of silver and gold. Repouse designs of floret surrounded by tiny flowers. The design on the top side of the box is smaller and more intricate while the bottom of the box has a similar floret but simpler. The rim of both top and bottom is delineated by a raised ring and is encircled by scrolling vines and tiny flowers. Size: 2 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" high
item #1326707
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