Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase w/ 8 Immortals
Antique Chinese porcelain vase with famille rose glazing, textured body with wave patterns, dimensional images of the 8 Immortals on clouds, gilt rim with light blue glaze interior, light blue glazed foot with scrolling patterns. 19th century vase with Qianlong mark on bottom of foot. Size: 8.5" H x 5" W
item #1332620
Japanese Antique Uchikake (Wedding Kimono) of Obi Brocade
Antique Japanese wedding kimono (uchikake). Made of beautiful silk brocade originally intended for an obi. Gold and green with woven pattern of pine, bamboo and chrysanthemums. The lining is sewn of red silk and the hem is padded. Meiji Period. Size: 61" high x 47 1/2" wide (sleeve to sleeve).
item #1332614
Rare Japanese Keyaki Fune Tansu
Rare Japanese fune tansu (merchant's ship chest) made with Keyaki (elm) wood in original medium brown finish. The upper portion has a large front drawer with kakute (squared) iron handles and decorative iron plating, lined in attractive silver rice paper. The bottom portion is very unusual because the right door opens on a hinge while the left door slides on a track revealing four small drawers also lined in silver rice paper. The front of each door is covered extensively in iron decorative... Click for details
item #1332602
Price on Request
Chinese Jadeite Pendant of Chimeras and Gourd
Chinese jadeite pendant, carved into a bottle gourd with two delicate chimeras climbing along the sides. Greyed green coloration of the bottom and lavender white at the top. 18KT gold fixture at the top to hang as a pendant. Size: 1.25 " x 1/2"
item #1332547
Chinese Jadeite Carving of a Melon
Small Chinese jadeite carving of a melon with flecked shades of white, light green, and apple green, carved with the vine curling down its backside and a lingzhi motif at the top of the vine. Pierced through the top to be worn as a pendant. Size: 1.25" x 1/2"
item #1332544
Japanese Antique Banner of Kashiwade no Hanoshi and Tiger
Dramatic Japanese Boy's Day Banner depicting the warrior Kashiwade no Hanoshi defeating a tiger. Colorful paste resist dyed and painted cotton. Tall banner with two mon (crests) at the top. One mon is the fuji (wisteria) of the Fujiwara family or possible of a family expressing devotion to the Kumano Shrine also associated with the wisteria motif. Meiji Period. Size: 16 feet high x 32 inches wide (including tabs)
item #1332541
Antique Chinese Jade Pendant w/ 14K Gold
Antique Chinese jadeite pendant delicately carved into a melon with leaves, with apple green flecks, pierced through the top with 14K gold clasp. Size: 1" x 1/4"
item #1332514
Chinese Jade Pendant in 14K Gold
Chinese oval shaped jadeite pendant. Light effervescent green coloring surrounded by with a 14K white and yellow gold mounting. Multiple diamonds surrounding the Jadeite stone giving it a feminine touch. Hand crafted with great detail. Size: 1/2" x 1"
item #1332455
Photograph of Children by Si Cho Ko
Charming Original photograph of smiling village children by the famous photographer, Si Cho Ko. From Taiwan, Si Cho Ko has traveled and exhibited extensively including the National Art Museum of China in 2007. Si Chi Ko is the first Taiwan photographer to hold a photograph exhibition in the Chinese mainland. He brought over 80 pieces of art works, reflecting his passion towards life, love of nature and also the loneliness from the bottom of his heart. This photograph is signed in pen by... Click for details
item #1332153
Listed Price $5,000.00
Antique Chinese Jade Bangle
Gorgeous Chinese untreated jadeite bangle with spinach green with coloring of apple green. Stunning white colors blend the green coloration. Early 1900's. Size: 3 1/8" outer diameter, 2.5" inner diameter
item #1332126
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