Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Pao Tao Peking Rug w/ Scholar's Objects and Flowers
Antique Chinese Pao Tao Peking rug, hand-woven with a complex image of various scholar's objects surrounding a central vase with floral arrangement. Beautiful colors of deep navy blue background, pink and red flower petals, medium blue, brown, beige, and cream. Bordered in oriental spirals and flowers. 19th century Size: 32" x 52"
item #1336857
Antique Korean Bronze Quanyin
Antique Korean bronze Quanyin statue, standing on a lotus pedestal.She holds a bottle in her left hand and a seashell in her right hand. With remnants of lacquer and gilt pigment.

18th century or later.

Dimensions: 12"H x 4" W x 4" D
item #1336852
Chinese Pao Tao Peking Rug w/ Deer and Crane
Antique Chinese Pao Tao Peking rug, hand-woven in unusual purple and grey coloration, accented by splashes of bright blue, with a nature scene of a deer beside a flowing river, arching his neck up towards a crane flying overhead. Over the crane hangs the branch of a pine tree with lingzhi mushrooms growing on the trunk. This auspicious imagery of a deer, crane, and pine tree together represents flourishing greens under heaven and on earth and is thought to bring longevity. 19th century Size:... Click for details
item #1336846
Chinese 19th Century Blue Peking Rug with Deer and Cranes
Antique Chinese rug from the Bautou area, woven with a pair of cranes and a pair of deer. The cranes fly in a sky of deep indigo beneath a large pine tree. In the foreground is a pair of deer, one with antlers and white spots and one without. One of the deer is nibbling tufts of lingzhi. 19th century. Size: 67" long x37 1/2" wide.
item #1336842
Chinese 19th Century Blue Peking Rug with Peonies
Antique Chinese Peking Pao Tao rug. Square in form wide fretwork border. Peony flowers around a geometric central medallion. All in shades of blue and white. 19th century. Size: 59 1/2" long x 59 1/2" wide.
item #1336834
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Chinese Pao Tao Peking Rug w/ Deer & Crane
Antique Chinese Pao Tao Peking rug, hand-woven in dark blue, grey, pink, red, green, and brown colors, with five medallions depicting auspicious scholar objects surrounding a large central image of a deer standing below a perching crane. This is a popular Buddhist image called the Six Harmonies because the word "deer" is a homophone for the number "six" in Chinese and represents earth below heaven. 19th century Size: 33" x 52 "
item #1336819
Chinese 19th Century Rug with Deer and Crane
Chinese antique wool Pau Tau rug with woven together in a whimsical pictorial composition of a flying crane, deer, and an exaggerated large peony. The Peony is shy and is hiding amongst the craggily rock formation, reminiscent of a Taihu stone. Admits the red sun and swirling clouds, the pine tree stands along, swaying towards the flying crane which is about to land as the prancing deer is on a field of flowers. The overall ground field is blue which graduates from pale blue to indigo.... Click for details
item #1336735
Incredible Japanese Meiji Sumidagawa Vase w/ Dragon

New Arrival

Antique Japanese sumidagawa ware vase with an incredibly realistic three-dimensional dragon coiled all around the body of the vase. The vase itself is very textured in body with a vertically ribbed form as well as tight ridges horizontally. The upper body and neck are glazed in thick oil spill colors. The backside of the piece has a blue chop within a white gourd. Meiji period (1868-1912) Size: 18" H x 10" W
item #1336729
Chinese Pao Tao Peking Rug w/ Phoenix & Wutong Tree
Antique Chinese Pao Tao Peking rug depicting the legendary Fenghuang, or phoenix bird, perched under a Wutong or "Happiness" tree. Hand-woven in deep navy, light blue and cream. Polka dotted and geometric scrolling vines border the central image. 19th century Size: 40" x 53"
item #1336712
Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle
Beautiful antique Chinese snuff bottle carved all of dark agate. The stone is so smokey and dark it appears almost black but has lovely clouds of deep orange on one side. On the reverse side of the bottle, classic agate striations can be seen ranging from almost black to very thin areas of almost clear translucency. The lid of the bottle is made of a brighter orange agate and has long since lost it's spoon. The bottle is carved into an ovoid form and is pleasingly smooth and balanced. Early... Click for details
item #1336710
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