Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Bamboo Tall Ladder
Vintage ladder in fabulous condition, sturdy and all-bamboo. This decorative and functional piece is slightly asymmetrical, has beautiful tone, and will compliment any space. Dimensions: 68.5" tall X 19" Wide
item #1265769
19th Century Japanese Keyaki Wood Carving
Antique Japanese lovely scene of flying crane and old japanese turtle with seaweed flowing behind. Carved of valuable keyaki wood, this nature scene has a serene and organic feel. Vines and lotus are also displayed in the carving. 19th Century Dimensions: 33" Long X 15.25" High
item #1265760
Antique Tibetan Mat Gold Dao Guang Bowl
Intricately detailed mat gold Antique Tibetan bowl. Chinese markings with multicolored bats surrounding. Yellow and red colors are entwining in design. Inside of bowl is red painted with gold inlay. Painted guard, flowers, and leaves flow together on inside of bowl. Character design on bottom of bowl. Dao Guang Marken Period (1820-1850) Dimensions: 3" tall X 5.4" Diameter
item #1265649
Small Antique Chinese Guangxu Red Cup
Charming red glazed porcelain Guangxu cup. Red hand painted lively dragons with wave design. Under glazed with blue signed mark and period on bottom of cup, 1871-1908. Dimensions: 2" tall, 2.5" Diameter
item #1265645
Small Antique Japanese Merchants Box
Charming and small Antique Japanese Merchant's Box. From Edo Age period (1603-1868). Box contains seven drawers. Two drawers are half sized at the very top, one of which displays a lock. Drawers are longer than they are wide, making this box able to fit into small areas. Dimensions: 20" Tall, 10" Wide, 18" Deep
item #1265641
Antique Chinese Painted Scroll of Two Birds
Antique Chinese scroll painting of two beautiful birds with brightly colored feathers and long, striped tails, with resemblance to a cockatiel. One runs along the ground, gazing at nearby dandelions, its long tail feather arching gracefully above its body, and one sits perched amidst foliage with its neck feathers blowing in the wind like golden hair. A tall branch extends upwards into the painting, sprouting white peonies and pink chrysanthemums. It is skillfully painted with hints of texture,... Click for details
item #1265219
Antique Japanese Red Toned Wood Trunk
Antique Japanese trunk with a deep red toned wood , iron handles on its sides, one large and one small drawer at its bottom with iron lockplates, and a large pierced iron lockplate on the lid, very roomy inside. Edo age (1615-1867) SIze: 25" height, 33.25" width, 16.25" depth
item #1265212
Antique Japanese Gyosho Bako
Antique Japanese gyosho bako, or merchant's box, with iron rings and a smoothed carved indentation on one side so that it may be carried comfortably on a person's back. It has an interesting signature branded on its front door, and its side has the branded mark of a trio of leaves. The front door locks closed, and opens with a kan (ring) pull to an interior with four long drawers. Kanji seal, Edo Age c1800. Size: 19.5" height, 14.25" front to back, 5.75" width
item #1265210
Antique Japanese Small Kiri Tansu
Cute and unusual Japanese tansu with red lacquered frame, kiri front with many drawers of varying sizes, with iron hirute handles and lockplates, perfect for keeping stored items sorted. Comes from the Kansai area of Japan and dates from the Meiji period (c1900). Size: 24" height, 19.25" width, 12" depth
item #1265206
Antique Japanese Scroll Signed Kano Tsunenobu
Antique Japanese scroll with silk embroidery. Scroll shows a mystic and tranquil view of Mount Fuji floating among the clouds. Three separate scenes are painted in a vertical flow, with the very peak of Mount Fuji at the top, and a flowing river at the foreground. Signature of Kano Tsunenobu (1638-1713). Provenance Prominent Arkansas Estate. Dimensions: 24" Wide X 63" Tall
item #1265205
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