Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Kuri (Chestnut) Tansu
Beautiful Japanese Kuri Tansu made of rich chestnut with black lacquer on frontal frame, sides, and top. Contains four big drawers for ample storage space. Decorated with four iron lock fixtures on each drawer in the shape of Japanese fans. Tansu has two iron side handles for carrying. From Meiji Period (1868-1912) Dimensions: 24.75" Height, 34.25" Width, 16.75" Diameter
item #1262711
Japanese Silk Kimono with Fan Design
Japanese silk kimono made with black chirimen silk, decorated with a resist design of fans, inside is lined with pink and cream color silk, very artistically mended in one subtle place to enhance to kimono (see detail), Taisho Period. Size: 66" long x 51 1/2" wide
item #1262710
Chinese Set of Six Pearwood Chairs
Set of six (6) Chinese chairs made from pearwood, with beautiful simplicity. All four legs and the underside of the seat are connected with horizontal wooden panels, carved with attractive sloping. The pearwood has a wonderful, warm glow with very attractive patterns in the grain. Comes with six tassled seat cushions. Size: 43.75" height, 20.75" width, 18.25" depth
item #1262307
$3,500 set of six
Chinese Untreated Jadeite Ring with 18k Gold
Chinese jadeite ring, made from natural and untreated jade, with beautiful deep forest green, apple green, and white hues in a cylindrical form, set in 18k gold with .750 mark etched into the band, and one row of six diamonds above and below the jadeite piece. Size: (ring size 8.5) jadeite .75" long
item #1262219
Vintage Jadeite Dragon Belt Hook
Unique Vintage Jadeite Belt Hook. Beautiful matrix within the stone and light pastel colors range from tan and celadon at the head of dragon. Gradually turns to celadon and lavender towards the hook area. From the Republic Period, Circa 1950's. Dimensions: 4" Long X .5" in Width
item #1262178
Vintage Chinese Jadeite Dragon Pendant
Beautifully carved Chinese Jadeite Pendant. Face has a pleasant slight grin with stylized horns laying flat to the long head in a sleek line. Has a gold fitting at end with loop to hang. Gorgeous color varies from each side. One side has lighter whitish color marbled with green. From the Republic Period Dimension: 2.75" Long X .25" in Width
item #1262176
Vintage Chinese Jadeite Bangle with 14K Gold Clasp
Gorgeous vintage jadeite bangle with solid engraved yelllow gold hinge, clasp, and safety chain. Impeccable condition and clasp works wonderfully. Color of band is beautiful light jadeite with slight transparency. Circa 1940 Dimensions: 2.25" Inner Diameter, 3.40" Outer Diameter
item #1262173
Antique Chinese Peking Glass Brush Washer
Gorgeously hand carved out, this antique peking glass has a beautiful egg yolk colored background that is hand polished with deep aubergine, and delicate visible brush strokes, modeling the fine craftmanship. Washer is covered with two stylized bats, a good fortune Shaou design, and Chinese coin design wishing good wealth. Top banding has a ringed chinese key design in aubergine color and base banding shows a ring of lotus petal. Gorgeous detailing and color tone all around, this piece is from... Click for details
item #1262166
Chinese Carved Jadeite Pendant with 14K Gold
Chinese jadeite pendant, carved into the form of a butterfly with pierced symbols in its wings and pierced filigree. It is mounted in 14K gold, with gold branches and leaves hanging over its top. Size: 2.25" width, 1.5" height
item #1262154
On Hold
Antique Chinese Hardwood Chair with Jade Inlay
Antique Chinese rosewood chair with ornately carved panels running along its front and sides, within both arms, and in the chair's back, depicting squared spirals and dragons' heads. The chair's backrest is carved with a wicker pattern, and has three inlaid pieces of carved jade in the forms of a vase filled with feathers and branches, a box on four legs, and a lion-like beast with a long, raised tail and mane, seated upon a rock formation or stand. The backside of the backrest is carved with a... Click for details
item #1261735
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