Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Burmese Standing Buddha with Hands in Mahakaruna Mudra
Tall standing Buddha carved of wood and worn from the elements. He stands in Mahakaruna Mudra, with his right arm extending from his hip and his left hand covering his heart in the gesture that symbolizes great compassion. His face is kind with a slight smile and he radiates a peaceful acceptance. Traces of black pigment. With custom iron stand.

16th/17th century

Dimensions: 59" high (71" high including base)
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Japanese Seated Gilt Amida Buddha
Japanese Amida Buddha statue, gold gilt over wood with inlaid crystal third eye. Seated on a lotus throne atop a hexagonal base, carved with smoke and flowers. The left hand mudra showing Varada: a gesture for granting and fulfilling all wishing as well as bestowing mercy and charity. The raised right hand is cradling a golden ball representing enlightenment and everlasting knowledge.
Overall condition is very good, consistent with age.

Early 19th century Edo period... Click for details
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Tall Gilded Standing Buddha, Calling in the Rain, Laos
Large standing gilded wooden Buddha. Dressed in full robes and with his down turned hands at this sides demonstrating the Calling in the Rain mudra, a gesture to bring the rain to nourish the rice fields. Tall pointed ushnisha and extended earlobes frame a face with down cast inlaid eyes and compassionate expression. From Luang Prabang, Laos. On custom metal stand.

18th century

81" high (93" high with stand)
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Chinese Large Wood Carved Ancestral Panel
Chinese wood carved plaque, created by two grandsons in memoriam of their deceased grandmother for what would have been her 70th birthday. The four large characters are "Peng Hu Chang Chun", which translates to "The flagons of the immortal beings in Penglai never get old". Legend tells that the coastal area of Penglai in the Shandong province of China is inhabited by immortal beings of kindness. The left side calligraphy is signed by the scholar grandsons Huajio Cheng and Junwen Cheng, bowing in... Click for details
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Japanese Meiji Period Lacquer and Inlaid Stand with Dragon and Tiger
Antique Japanese lacquer stand with intricate mother-of-pearl inlay and painted details. The top depicts a dragon floating in swirling clouds. Each cloud is a fine dusting of different colors of shell inlay. The base is decorated with a tiger near a rocky waterfall. The stand has two arching legs which end in shoulders and apron with reserves depicting kirin, a phoenix and chimera. Every space is inlaid with pattern work all on a black lacquer ground.

Meiji Period... Click for details
item #1387710
Japanese Six Panel Screen of Ink Landscapes
Japanese ink painting, mounted on silk border and red lacquered frame. The painting depicts a Chinese style landscape painting of mountainous terrain, very reminiscent to the classical Song painting. In the foreground are five men washing each of their horse in the river bank and continuing their journey home. It's a very idyllic and romantic depiction of quiet life in the country.

Meiji Period

Dimensions: 68 1/2" x 193"
item #1387709
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Pair of Italian Baroque Silver Gilt Pier Mirrors
Each mirror is carved with scrolling floral decoration and silver gilt on linden wood. The main body of the mirror is oxidized and cut. The surround is individually fitted on to outer frames. The mirror is also decorated with a top central crested mirror. *Note the other pair has a replaced mirror. From the Mondavi Estate.

19th century

Dimensions: 24" x 56"
item #1387706
Philippines Tree Trunk Pedestal Stand
Vitex parviflora is a species of plant in the Verbenaceae family, known as smallflower chastetree, or Molave tree. It is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The Molave has a natural golden tone that is indicative of the tree.

Dimensions: 17" x 14" x 36" H
item #1387690
Chinese Han Dynasty Gilt Bronze Belt Hook
Chinese Han Dynasty belt hook. Made of gilt bronze with chimera motif in stippling technique. Arching form with the "hook" portion in the form of a chimera head.

Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - A.D. 220)

Dimensions: 5 3/8" long x 1 1/4" wide
item #1387647
Chinese Gongshi Scholar Rock
Chinese scholar rock of an over hanging ying stone, mounted on a carved Suzhou rosewood stand with five cabriole legs and an undulating stretcher. The base is decorated in high relief of lingzhi fungus and swirling clouds. Gongshi, also known as scholar's rocks, are naturally occurring or shaped rocks, which are traditionally appreciated by scholars. Gongshi rocks can be any color and contrasting colors are not uncommon. The size of the stone can be quite varied from hundreds of pounds to less... Click for details
item #1387646
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