Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Kanban Board
Antique slab of wood with japanese inscriptions. This kanban board (shop sign) is simple in detail and painted in large characters. Circa 19th Century Dimensions: 75" Long X 13" Tall
item #1266644
Antique Japanese Root Wood Hibachi
Antique Japanese rootwood hibachi with a lovely textural look and feel. It has a red and black lacquered cloth rim, and a bronze interior with an interesting patina with a layering effect. Size: 7.5" height, 10.25" width, 8" depth
item #1265913
Antique Japanese Sumitsubo Carpenter Measure
Antique Japanese carpenter's chalk measure, or sumitsubo, an ink pot used to measure and portion pieces of wood. It is made from a nice, dark hardwood, carved with spiraling designs, with a mixed metal inkwell and a small iron handle for spinning the central wheel. Size: 13" length, 4.5" height, 4.5" width
item #1265909
Vintage Wood Small Korean Chest
Vintage reproduction Korean chest. Small and charming. Hardware is brass with flower shapes around loop holes. Three small drawers line the top of chest, and two drawers open at middle also slide as well, making the bottom space easily accessible. Dimensions: 28.5" Long X 19" High, 11" Deep
item #1265908
Japanese lunch box with Bamboo Handle
Japanese small kiri storage box with a bamboo carrying handle. It has two small squared drawers, one long, thin bottom drawer with a warabite handle, and a lift away panel with a spacious storage area. Size: 12.5" height, 11.5" width, 6.25" depth
item #1265892
Antique Chinese Porcelain Vase with Bats and Peaches
Antique Chinese porcelain vase with a yellow underglaze, decorated allover with red shou symbols, peaches, and multicolored bats. The bottom of the vase has the Guangxu mark (1905), circa 1900. Size: 14" height, 9.5" width
item #1265791
Antique Japanese Kiri Sword Tansu
Antique Japanese long sword tansu, made from kiri wood with a nice, dark finish. It has two long main drawers with hirute shaped iron handles and lockplates, also decorated with a small hirute "handle" motif. Edo period (1615-1867) Size: 12" height , 43.25" length, 12" depth
item #1265779
Antique Chinese Zitan Stand
Antique Chinese Zitan stand in Great condition, with beautiful symmetric design. 19th Century Dimensions: 20.25" Tall X 6" Width
item #1265771
Japanese Bamboo Tall Ladder
Vintage ladder in fabulous condition, sturdy and all-bamboo. This decorative and functional piece is slightly asymmetrical, has beautiful tone, and will compliment any space. Dimensions: 68.5" tall X 19" Wide
item #1265769
19th Century Japanese Keyaki Wood Carving
Antique Japanese lovely scene of flying crane and old japanese turtle with seaweed flowing behind. Carved of valuable keyaki wood, this nature scene has a serene and organic feel. Vines and lotus are also displayed in the carving. 19th Century Dimensions: 33" Long X 15.25" High
item #1265760
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