Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Painted Copy of a Landscape Scroll by Bian Lu
Chinese painted landscape scroll. A 20th century copy of a scroll by the famous Yuan Dynasty artist Bian Lu. A beautiful landscape scene, with twisting mountain paths and overhanging trees. An array of red seals along the edges of the painting. Size: 81" H, 33" W (entire scroll) 50" H, 25" W (painting only)
item #1317752
Japanese Antique Indigo Ikat Happi Coat
Japanese cotton happi coat, ikat with sashiko stitching all over in brown thread, lined in light brown cotton, edged with black cotton on neck and very thin line of black cotton edging on all edges, side split detail, Meiji Period (1868 - 1912) Size: 31" high x 46 3/4" wide
item #1317751
Japanese Signed Scroll Painting of Bird on Persimmon Tree
Japanese large scroll painting of a colorful bird seated on a persimmon tree branch, a bright persimmon hanging overhead. Signature and red seal in left corner. Provenance: Collection of Trotter's Antiques, Pacific Grove CA. Size: 88" H, 19" W (entire scroll), 31" H, 11.5" W (painting only)
item #1317747
Antique Chinese Scroll Painting signed Li Yu Ru
Antique Chinese scroll painting of an immortal man resting his feet with one of his sandals off, a basket of peaches and herbs sitting beside him. Calligraphy with signature "Li, Yu Ru" (1859-1930) and red artist chop. Size: 77" H, 29" W (entire scroll) 42" H, 22.5" W (artwork only)
item #1317730
Antique Chinese Calling Maiden Scroll signed Xu Cao
Chinese scroll painting of a beautiful maiden in a draping kimono, accented with swaths of powder blue and pink, calligraphy along its side, signed Xu Cao with red chops. Size: 65" H, 29" W (entire scroll) 34" H, 13" W (painting only)
item #1317695
Chinese Guilt Buddha
Chinese guilt bronze buddha, 20th century. A buddha with his hands in mudra, the gesture for meditation. The buddha is seated on a lotus blossom blooming out of another lotus blossom, atop a hexagonal base. It measures 14" tall, 5" wide at base.
item #1317385
Antique Chinese Vase with Landscape and Calligraphy
Antique Chinese fine famille rose porcelain vase with landscape of mountains and lake. The vase is an elegant shape with defined calligraphy. This style of decoration was popular in the 1930s. The base bears the studio name: Yitao Zhai, similar in style to the Society of Eight Friends. Produced by Zhang Zhitang (1893-1971). It measures 14" tall x 6.5" wide.
item #1317377
Antique Chinese Scroll signed Tie Bao
Antique Chinese hanging scroll with calligraphy signed Tie Bao. 19th century. The poem alludes to the benefits of meditation during the night improving one's perception of the arts. TiE Bao (1752 - 1824) It measures overall 12.5" x 78.25", 8" x 50".
item #1317321
Antique Chinese Scroll signed Fei Dan Xu
Antique Chinese hanging scroll of a young woman in the garden under moonlight, signed Fei Dan Xu (1802 - 1850) 19th century, Qing dynasty. It measures overall 17.75" x 73", 12.75" x 17.25"
item #1317319
Antique Chinese Scroll of a Young Beauty with an Old Man
Antique Chinese scroll of a young beauty with an old man signed Qian Hui An. A young woman stands behind the gate to her home as an old man admires her beauty from outside. It is signed Qian Hui'An (1833 - 1911) 19th century. It measures overall 21.5" x 89.5" the image measures 13.75" x 53.25".
item #1317313
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