Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Pair of Inlaid Mother of Pearl Hardwood Chairs
Antique Chinese Mother of Pearl Inlaid Hardwood chairs, extravagantly hand carved with fine details, beautiful natural pictures can be seen in each of the marble slabs on back and seat. Very heavy made from rosewood. Original finish and overall in great condition. Circa 1900 Dimensions: 26"Length, 19" Deep, 39" High
item #1263346
Price On Request
Large Chinese Rosewood Marble Stand
Elegant two tiered Chinese Rosewood stand, hand carved with inlaid marble top. Hardwood is hand carved with flower images encircling the marble top. Leaves and vine carvings down each of the sides. The Legs of table have dragon like faces at top leading down to claw feet. Wonderful condition with radiant original finish, Circa 1900 Dimensions: 32" High X 21 1/2" Wide
item #1263321
Antique Japanese Bucket and Tools Set
Antique Japanese wooden bucket with handle and iron rings around its body, use for taking measurements of rice. Within it is a large nokogiri saw with a wooden handle and a long, wooden blade cover, a thinner hand saw, and a small axe with engraved symbols and arrows pointing towards the blade. May be separated for individual purchase by request. Sizes and pricing: (bucket) 19.25" height, 13" width $150 (nokogiri saw) 30" length, 10" width $150 (small saw) 29.5" length, 4.5" width... Click for details
item #1262999
Vintage Japanese Medium Bamboo Ikebana
1 of 2 matching Bamboo tubular shaped Ikebana, this beautiful flower arrangement piece is the smaller of the two. Characteristically carved with bamboo, and charmingly contrasted with black lacquer lining on inside. Top holder is dish like depth, and bottom holder is designed deeper to hold flowers. Circa 1930s-1940's. Dimensions: 25.5" High X 6" Diameter at base
item #1262887
Large Japanese Vintage Bamboo Ikebana
Beautiful large Bamboo Ikebana, with two pots for separate flower arrangements. Appealing contrast lining of black lacquer, complimenting wonderfully the light shade of bamboo. Charming natural wear at the base of Ikebana, with circling rings. Circa 1930-1940. Dimensions: 31" High X 6" Diameter
item #1262886
Chinese Rosewood Low Table
Chinese low table made from gorgeous rosewood with a lovely gloss finish and brown/red hues, of a simple and elegant form. Size: 11.75" height, 39.5" width, 22.5" depth
item #1262882
Chinese Huanghuali Low Table with Carvings of Dragons
Chinese huanghuali low table with a detailed pair of dragons and billowing smoke clouds carved into the front and sides, and dragon heads carved into the feet. Has a shapely and elegant design, and beautiful grain patterns. Size: 14" height, 46.5" width, 34" depth
item #1262866
Price on Request
Antique Japanese Kiri Gyosho Bako
Antique Japanese gyosho bako (merchant's chest) made from kiri wood with a dark brown lacquer on its exterior, iron corner hardware, side handles, door hinges, and front lock. Its front door swings open to reveal a large storage compartment with a locked drawer below. The inside of the door has the antiquated remains of a paper sheet, printed with the image of the prosperity god, Daikoku. Comes with a custom iron stand that craddles the piece in place. Edo Age with Stunning Original... Click for details
item #1262783
Antique Japanese Hangai Tansu
Antique Japanese hangai tansu, used for storing clothing aboard of a ship, with iron warabite handles and a front lid that lifts up and away to reveal a roomy upper storage level compartment and four drawers. Sugi Wood (cedar) Meiji period (1868-1912) Size: 18.5" height, 28" width, 14" depth
item #1262720
Japanese Chestnut Wood Tansu with Inside Drawers
Japanese tansu chest for storage, two large sliding panels with decorative scalloped edges, inside on right is a series of five drawers, inside on the left is open with one shelf, nice iron handles slide out on top for carrying, also on the sides are two copper handles, made of kuri (chestnut) wood, this piece is very solid and heavy, the interior of each drawer is made of thick kiri (paulownia) wood, beautiful deep brown finish, Showa Period (c. 1930). Size: 29 1/4" high x 36 1/2"... Click for details
item #1262716
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