Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Japanese Framed Print by Masami Teraoka
Japanese framed print by Masami Teraoka (b. 1936), titled "31 Flavors Invading Japan: Today's Special - Ready to Lick". Pencil signed and numbered 235/500 on lower back of print.

Circa 1985

Dimensions: 25 1/4" L x 21 1/4" H (entire frame), 16 1/2" L x 11" H (artwork only)
item #1397823
Japanese 18th c. Monogatari Story Book Kogo Lacquer Box
Antique Japanese kogo, or incense box, used in traditional tea ceremony. The box is squared in shape with the lid ornately done in maki-e gold and red lacquer chrysanthemums, resembling the front cover of a story book with the revealed inner "page" done in silver. The interior of the box and base are done in nashiji gold flake lacquer, sometimes called pear skin for resembling the texture of the Asian pear.

Edo period, late 18th century

Provenance: From TZ Shiota of San... Click for details
item #1397776
Antique Japanese Maki-e Lacquer Bird Kogo, Signed
Japanese kogo, or incense container for tea ceremonies, in the form of a small bird with very fine maki-e or sprinkled gold lacquer exterior. Each feather of the bird is highly detailed in low relief maki-e lacquer. The pupils of the bird are done with very fine red lacquer for contrast. The interior of the box is finished in gold nashiji, sometimes called pear skin due to the resemblance to the Asian pear. The base is also finished in nashiji lacquer and has the artist's calligraphy signature... Click for details
item #1397771
Antique Japanese Half Section Mizuya
Antique Japanese half section Mizuya, or kitchen buffet tansu, made of Hinoki (cypress) and Sugi (cedar) wood frame. The chest has bold Keyaki (elm) front drawers along the bottom and right side with copper handles. The large sliding front panels are reinforced with attractive horizontal slats, and open to the large interior compartment.

Dimensions: 70 1/2" L x 18" D x 32" H
item #1397751
Large Japanese Framed Print by Masami Teraoka
A very large Japanese lithograph print by artist Masami Teraoka (b. 1936), titled 'Namiyo at Hanauma Bay'. Depiction of a nude geisha floating in the rolling ocean waves, with her kushi comb barely hanging onto her wet hair and holding snorkeling headgear in her hands. With artist signature, chop, and panels of calligraphy inscriptions. The print is embossed with publisher's mark in bottom right corner.

Circa 1985

Dimensions: 45" W x 35" H (frame), 35 3/4" W x 24... Click for details
item #1397674
Price on Request
Antique Chinese Pair of Gilt Carved Panels with Calligraphy
Pair of Chinese gilt wood panels with openwork carved background of geometric lattice design. Each panel with mirrored high relief carvings of a tall vase with a bouquet of floral elements such as lotus, peony, chrysanthemum, and berries surrounded by fluttering hummingbirds. The body of the vase surrounded by lucky bats, scrolls, and other auspicious objects. Each panel bears a calligraphy inscription in the top corner.

Dimensions: 13 3/4" L x 4" D x 57" H
item #1397671
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Massive Antique Chinese Architectural Wood Carving of Dragons
An incredibly large and heavy hand carved wood architectural piece, with high relief carved pair of dragons on either side of a central ball of light surrounded in sacred lingzhi clouds. Depicted is a pair of mystical dragon fish on either side, a traditional symbol in China of transformation and new beginnings. The carving floats on a custom steel plates and mounts.

18th century

Dimensions: 70" L x 7" D x 7" H (11 1/2" H on base)
item #1397346
Price on Request
Antique Japanese 4Panel Byobu Screen of Persimmons
Japanese 4 panel byobu folding screen painting of a tall tree branch with ripe persimmons against a gold leaf ground. With artist's signature and red chop.

Dimensions: 72" L x 36" H
item #1397303
Japanese Half Section 6ft Mizuya
Japanese half section Mizuya (kitchen buffet tansu) with four Keyaki burl front panels opening to a wide, narrow open space along the top of the chest. Below this are two large openwork sliding door panels of geometric design, with a small door to the left opened by a hidden Persimmon wood latch. Six drawers with Keyaki burl faces are lined along the bottom of the chest, with brass warabite pulls.

Dimensions: 70 1/2" L x 18" D x 38 1/2" H
item #1397215
Large Chinese Pair of Ceramic Sancai Fu Dogs
A large pair of Chinese ceramic fu dogs with a Sancai ware "three colors" palette in green, brown, and blue with natural clay white in a transparent crackle glaze. The large pair of fu dogs stand opposite each other, eyes faced forward, their mouths slightly open in a snarling grin. The front right foot of the male fu dog rests upon a rounded "xi qui" floral ball, representing rule and supremacy over the world. The female fu dog rests her left front foot over the stomach of her playful fu... Click for details
item #1397032
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