Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Tibetan Carved Wooden Mask
Antique Tibetan hand-carved wooden deity mask, most likely of Mahakala, a very fierce and powerful being and counterpart to Kali / Mahakali. His name means "Greater than Time" as he upholds ultimate rule and power over all forces, including time and death. This hand carved mask is indeed very fierce looking, with signs of wear and traces of old lacquer all throughout.

Size: 10" L x 6" W x 11" H
item #1339778
Antique Bronze Sino-Tibetan Statue of Kubera
Antique Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze statue of the deity Kubera, lord of wealth and protector over the world. He is typically shown holding a bag of jewels or fruit in one of his hands and a mongoose in the other. The mongoose symbolizes Kubera's victory over the Naga, or snake people, who watch over large hoards of treasures. The mongoose is also said to spit out jewels every time it opens its mouth. The statue is sculpted incredibly well, with natural patina and traces of pigments. The base is... Click for details
item #1339759
18th/19th Century Tibetan Bronze Tara Statue
Antique Tibetan bronze statue of Tara, with old traces of gilt pigments, beautifully hand sculpted with elaborate decoration. Natural patina. 18th/19th century

Size:6.5" L x 5.5" W x 8.25" H
item #1339354
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18th Century Tibetan Gilt Buddha Statue
Antique Tibetan gilt buddha statue, seated upon a lotus throne, holding a medicine jar in the left hand and touching down to earth with the right. Beautifully detailed with natural patina, based embossed with lotus mark. 18th century

Size: 3" L x 2.5" W x 4" H
item #1339351
Antique Tibetan Gau Portable Buddhist Shrine
Antique Tibetan Gau, or portable shrine, with a small statue of Buddha inside behind a window of glass, padded with old fabric. The wooden box has remnants of old red lacquer, and the back opens so that the Buddha may be removed. 19th century.

Size: 3.25" L x 2.5" W 4.25" H
item #1339346
Antique Tibetan Gau Portable Shrine
Antique Tibetan Gau, or portable shrine, in a metal repousse container with imagery of lotuses and various figures, within is a deity behind a small glass window. Directly below the deity is the face of Kirtimukha, a common image in Southeast Asian temples. The box is secured within a pouch woven of cotton and silk, with a long strap and small stone clasps. 19th century.

Size: 3.5" L x 3" W x 1.25" H (length of strap 20" hanging)
item #1339342
Antique Tibetan Bone Carving from a Shaman's Robe
Antique Tibetan bone carving, originally from a Shaman's robe worn during religious ceremonies. All hand-carved with a deity figure surrounded by highly intricate decorative motifs. Includes custom made iron display stand.Dates from the 18th century.

Size: 4.5" H x 1.5" L x .5" W (carving only) 6.5" H x 2" L x 2" W (on stand)
item #1339221
Tibetan 14th Century Iron and Copper Vajrakila Phurba
Antique Tibetan vajrakila phurba, a Buddhist sacred dagger "believed to be capable of transmuting vice and egocentrism into benevolent compassion. According to legend, Padmasambava introduced the magic dagger to Tibet to subdue forces hostile to Buddhism." (Bonhams Auction Tues. June 28, 2016 page.14.) Made of iron and copper alloy. Beautifully detailed. Circa 14th century. Size: 8 1/8" long.
item #1337894
Himalayan Tibetan Portable Flintlock Container
Beautiful and Unusual antique Tibetan portable flint lock container. The "U" shaped brass body of a lidded box is chased and decorated with the "Wheel of Dharma." Backed with a metal belt loop used to fashion on ones belt. Container to store black powered and lead bullets for matchlock rifle.

19th Century

Size: 4 1/2" x 4" x 1 3/16"
item #1336695
Antique Tibetan Damaru (Buddhist Drum) Made of Skulls
Rare Tibetan antique skull drum called a damaru (or damru). Two skulls make up the two sided drum connected in the middle. Two small beads at the end of thin cords attached in the center beat the drum when it held upright and twisted. A long silk sash (chopen) decorated with two tassels and auspicious symbols hangs from the center. The damaru is a sacred instrument adopted from the Hindu tantric practices of ancient India. The damaru is believed to be an instrument of the Lord Shiva with... Click for details
item #1334228
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