Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Tibetan Wooden Phurba
Antique Tibetan carved wooden phurba, a ritualistic Vajrayana Buddhist implement, depicting Nagas or snakes on the blade. Nagas are the entities in nature that associated with illnesses. The entwining serpents are a symbol of medicine and healing. The deity handle, mirroring the three-edges of the blade has three deity faces. Typically, one might be wrathful, one peaceful and one joyful representing Body, Speech and Mind.

Dimensions: 11 1/2" L x 2" W
item #1402725
Rare 18th Century Tibetan Buddhist Painted Altar Cabinet
Rare Tibetan hand-painted lacquer altar cabinet. Original finish with patina. The front three panels depict three faces. The left face has red skin and green hair with eyes opened wide. The middle face is upside down with eyes coming out of its skull, representing the kapala or skull cup used in sacred Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies. The face on the right is called citipati, representing both the eternal dance of death as well as perfect awareness. Two of the panels are hinged and open to the... Click for details
item #1402723
Antique Tibetan Buddhist Repousse Copper Mask
Tibetan repousse copper polychrome mask of a horned animal deity resembling a goat or yak, wearing a crown of three skulls on its head. With gold gilt, red, and green pigments. The tongue sticks out from its mouth and curls similar to Kali. With remnants of an old wax seal.

17th century

Dimensions: 15" w x 7" d x 17 1/4" h
item #1402713
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Antique Sino-Tibetan Cloisonne Kapala Skull Cup
Antique Sino-Tibetan cloisonne enamel bronze container in the form of a kapala or skull cup. The lid has a four prong vajra finial, and is decorated with intricate enamel design of floral scrolls, lotuses, waves, and four points around the vajra finial. The container's interior is done in red enamel, and the base is done in white enamel with a red cranial fissure line to emulate a skull. With carved wooden base.

19th Century

Provenance: From the Ashby... Click for details
item #1402674
19th Century Sino Tibetan Seated Buddha
Bronze Buddha from Sino Tibetan tradition. Wonderful details on the robe with inscription on back. Buddha sits on a wooden stand. Provenance: From the William Ashby Estate.

Dates Early to Mid 19th century

Dimensions: 5"(without stand) X 3.25" X 2.25" (6" with Stand)
item #1402596
Antique Tibetan Gilt Carving of Saraswati on Swan
Tibetan wood polychrome carving of Saraswati or Yangchenma in Tibet, the goddess of learning, wisdom, music, and aesthetics. She is seated on her vehicle, a swan, and holds flowers in both of her hands. The charming figure is well carved with pigments of red, black, green, yellow and gold gilt.

Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 8" H
item #1401654
Antique Tibetan Repousse Plaque with Apsara
Antique Tibetan repousse plaque depicting a flying Apsara, celestial beings similar to the Western concepts of angels. The high relief image is done with gold gilt over copper with natural patina from oxidation.

Late 18th Century

Dimensions: 17 1/4" L x 6 1/2" H
item #1400875
Antique Sino-Tibetan Inlaid Repousse Hanging Censer
Antique Sino-Tibetan repousse hanging censer with iron chain. The hexagonal shaped body has the repeating image of a coiling serpentine dragon with lingzhi clouds of smoke, with inlaid turquoise on each side and touches of gold gilt. The base of the censer with a pomegranate form finial, the top of the censer with a finial in the shape of a fierce deity's head.

Dimensions: 10" w x 20" h (52 1/2" total length w/ chain)
item #1400014
18th C. Tibetan Buddhist Tsakli Miniature Painting of Red Mahakala
Antique Tibetan Buddhist tsakli miniature painting, considered to be an important visual aid for monks in training when conferring empowerments. This tsakli painting depicts an alternate form of the fierce deity Mahakala, in which his skin is red and he embraces his consort in a yabyum sutra. Around Red Mahakala's waist is a tiger's pelt and elephant skin is draped over his shoulders. In the four corners of the painting are four dancing Dakinis, female deities of meditation and the bardo, or... Click for details
item #1400013
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18th C. Tibetan Buddhist Tsakli Miniature Painting of Dharmapalas
Antique Tibetan Buddhist tsakli miniature painting, considered to be an important visual aid for monks in training when conferring empowerments. This tsakli painting depicts four of the Dharmapalas and their consorts. The Dharmapalas are fierce deity protectors who will wage war without mercy against demons and enemies of Buddhism. Some of the more commonly known Dharmapalas are Mahakala, Yama, Yamantaka, and Kubera. Each fierce deity embraces their consort in a Yabyum pose, and each holds a... Click for details
item #1399918
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