Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Persian Suzani Embroidered Textile
A large Persian textile "Suzani" which literally means "needlework". The cotton cloth is hand-embroidered with complex floral medallions and scrolling work with brightly colored silk thread. These traditional Suzani would be used for headscarves, ottoman covers, prayer mats, wall hangings, and many other uses.

First Quarter 20th century circa. 1920

Dimensions: 135" L x 81" H
item #1389799
19th Century Red Mongolian Cat Rug
An antique hand-woven Mongolian rug, with scene of a white cat seated on a structure of rocks, its head pointed towards the sky in observation of a nearby butterfly, with branches of blue and red flowers against a red ground.

19th Century

Dimensions: 2'4" x 4'6"
item #1368745
Chinese 19th Century Blue Peking Rug with Deer and Cranes
Antique Chinese rug from the Bautou area, woven with a pair of cranes and a pair of deer. The cranes fly in a sky of deep indigo beneath a large pine tree. In the foreground is a pair of deer, one with antlers and white spots and one without. One of the deer is nibbling tufts of lingzhi. 19th century. Size: 67" long x37 1/2" wide.
item #1336842
Chinese 19th Century Blue Peking Rug with Peonies
Antique Chinese Peking Pao Tao rug. Square in form wide fretwork border. Peony flowers around a geometric central medallion. All in shades of blue and white. 19th century. Size: 59 1/2" long x 59 1/2" wide.
item #1336834
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Chinese 19th Century Rug with Deer and Crane
Chinese antique wool Pau Tau rug with woven together in a whimsical pictorial composition of a flying crane, deer, and an exaggerated large peony. The Peony is shy and is hiding amongst the craggily rock formation, reminiscent of a Taihu stone. Admits the red sun and swirling clouds, the pine tree stands along, swaying towards the flying crane which is about to land as the prancing deer is on a field of flowers. The overall ground field is blue which graduates from pale blue to indigo.... Click for details
item #1336735
Antique Nomadic Turkish Kilim Runner
Antique Kilim runner of Turkish nomadic tribe origin. A series of 9 large bands, each with three large diamond shaped reserves inside which are crosses surrounded by protective hooked borders. Smaller protective diamond shapes and crosses fill in the space around each large motif. Bands of white with small crosses and diamond provide more protection. Hand woven of wool. Circa 1900. Size: 101" long x 31 1/2" wide.
item #1335406
Antique Moroccan Silk and Wool Belt
Long antique Moroccan belt for ceremonial use. Made of wool and silk and woven with intricate areas of design. Islamic symbols and intricate floral motifs. Long fringe on either side. Circa 1900.

Size: 94" long x 15 3/4" wide
item #1335403
Antique Hand Knotted Wool Carpet
Antique Caucasian wool rug, hand-knotted in geometric pattern design. Dates from the early 20th century. Size: 3'7" x 5'9"
item #1330486
Rectangular Kurdish Kilim Carpet
Antique Kurdish tribal rug, made up of four separately hand knotted panels sewn together, possibly originally meant for use as a utilitarian bedding bag (mafrash), beautiful array of colors, the two central panels are framed in a decorative guard band for protective strength, the interior motif appears closest to a rosette motif although could be stylized version of the wheel of life motif, wonderfully integrated into the main motif field are the random additions of a tiny animal figure... Click for details
item #1309441
Antique Tekke Garden Design Rug
Antique Turkmen rug with a Tekke garden design in red, black, navy, cream, and tan wool. Good condition, very soft. 19th Century, Stunning Rug. Size: 52" x 50"
item #1305108
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