Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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North African Bronze Black Powder Container
Antique bronze North African Sudanese black powder container. Appliqué copper with fine chasing. Original patina matching that of its age and use. Copper rings used for mounting piece for ease of use while traveling.

18th Century With brass display stand.

Size: 5" W x 8" H
item #1351459
Antique Indian Gold Damascene Shield
Antique Indian gold damascene iron shield. Original remnants of the hand grip materials, which consist of leather and cushion cut velvet remaining on the inside of the shield. Four protruded mounts are gold damascened with fine floral detailing.

Mogul 18th Century, India

Size: 13" Diameter x 2" H
item #1351455
Antique Small Persian Tribal Chanteh
Small antique tribal Persian chanteh (bag). Hand woven of wool in lovely deep indigo blue and brown. A central rectangle of deep blue has six vertical bands of white with interlocking motifs perhaps of rams horns, a powerful masculine symbol. Framing this is a wide dark brown band which is subtly woven with repeating protective eye motifs. The back of the bag is woven a solid deep brown color. Circa 1900. Size: 17" wide x 13" high
item #1335493
Small Antique Persian Tribal Chanteh
A beautiful Persian tribal small chanteh (bag) for personal use. Hand woven of wool for incredible durability. This bag has a very tight intricate knotting with a central design of diagonal bands of blue, white and rust colors. Inside each band is a diagonal row of what appear closest to a simple wheel of fortune motif except that each symbol only has two hooked arms and is spinning in the opposite direction of a wheel of fortune motif. Framing this field of diagonal banding are swirling "S"... Click for details
item #1335485
Antique Nomadic Turkish Kilim Runner
Antique Kilim runner of Turkish nomadic tribe origin. A series of 9 large bands, each with three large diamond shaped reserves inside which are crosses surrounded by protective hooked borders. Smaller protective diamond shapes and crosses fill in the space around each large motif. Bands of white with small crosses and diamond provide more protection. Hand woven of wool. Circa 1900. Size: 101" long x 31 1/2" wide.
item #1335406
Antique Moroccan Silk and Wool Belt
Long antique Moroccan belt for ceremonial use. Made of wool and silk and woven with intricate areas of design. Islamic symbols and intricate floral motifs. Long fringe on either side. Circa 1900.

Size: 94" long x 15 3/4" wide
item #1335403
Kazak Hand Knotted Rug with Blue and Red
Hand knotted wool Caucasian Kazak tribal rug. Wonderful motifs: the center has three large bereket (fertility) symbols) in hooked edge octagon reserves which are floating in a beautiful fields of flowers on a blue ground. The main boarder is a dramatic row of linked rams horns (symbols of manhood, male fertility, strength, and bravery. This main boarder is flanked on both sides by crenellated fence guards all of which protect the lovely flower field and the male/female fertility symbols in... Click for details
item #1335328
Antique Sanjabi Kurdish Chanteh Bag (Camel Bag)
Antique Kurdish chanteh bag (camel bag). Made of wool and woven in two connected panels. The front panel (facing out on the camel) is woven with star protection motifs and surrounded with a running hooked motif along the border. The back of the bag is woven in a stripe pattern. Circa 1900. Size: 40" high x 29" wide
item #1334940
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18th Century Damascene Persian Armor Collection
A fine collection of Persian armor and weapons, which includes the "Khulah-kud" (helmet). With its original ziggurat fringe chainmail, engraved nose guard, and gilt pointed finial. Fashioned with decorative mounts for plumes or feathers. The helmet is damascened in gold with Koranic text and arabesque floral, and bird motif.

The large, round "Dhal" shield is ornately decorated with engraved floral motifs outlined in gold framed Arabic text adorning the outer edges. Four... Click for details
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Antique Kurdish Kilim Saddle Bag
Kurdish antique saddle bag most likely for use on a donkey, made in slit-tapestry technique in a variety of colors, woven in one long piece and the folded over on either side to make two storage pouches. The primary central motif is that of two eight armed stars, below this another half reserve with two half-stars and surrounding it all is a beautiful decorative guard band delineated by narrow fence motifs. The open edge of each pouch is outfitted with a colorful series of tabs most likely... Click for details
item #1309443
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