Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Korean 18th Century Low Scholar's Table
Antique Korean scholar's low table. Its top pair of panels are book matched of persimmon wood, with a boxwood frame. The inner compartment still shows traces of ink; The opposite compartment would hold brushes. The drawer has a wonderful persimmon cover that continues to the order of the low table. The low writing implement table has an inverted key fret leg and internal low shelf of boxwood.

18th century Chosun Dynasty

Size: 15.5” x 10.5” x 11.25”
item #1354740
Rare Antique Korean Shagreen Stacking Cabinet (Ichung-Nong)
Rare Korean stacking chest, called an ichung-nong (two sections), covered in beautiful beige/green genuine shagreen (manta ray skin), antiqued brass hardware with butterfly locks, inlay of grey shagreen "double happiness" characters on either side of each set of doors, interior lined in old text pages. 19th century Chosun Period

Size: 23.5" L x 14" W x 36.5" H
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Antique Korean Bandaji (blanket chest)
Antique Korean bandaji, or blanket chest, with a drop-down front covered in highly ornate white brass plating and hardware, incised with auspicious characters, lucky bat shaped handles, and interior lined with old paper, with two small drawers in the upper section. Key is included.

Yi Dynasty (circa 19th Century)

Size: 35.5" L x 17" W x 36.5" H
item #1347132
Unusual Korean Chest with Persimmon Interior
A very unusual Korean chest with a complex network of geometric designs on its front, top, and sides, brass hardware incised with floral motifs, two front doors with large brass lock and working key, opening to a beautiful interior of persimmon laminate front drawers. The middle drawer opens with a special secret latch underneath it.

Size: 32.5" L x 13.25" W x 19.5" H
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Antique Korean Ginko wood Bandaji (blanket chest)
Beautiful Northern Korean bandaji (blanket storage chest) with highly ornate white brass fittings incised with birds and flowers and auspicious symbols. The white brass plated mounts are cladded onto the front of the chest hinged to allow operation of the drop leaf door. The chest has two handles on the side for mobility and two handles on the front to aid in operation of the door.

Yi Dynasty (circa 19th Century)

Size: 23 3/4" High x 37" Wide x 19 1/2" Deep
item #1341895
Korean Three Section Inlaid Cabinet Samch'ung Jang
Extraordinary Korean cabinet in three stacking sections. Covered with inlay on a black lacquer ground. The front is very densely covered with scenes of rural Korea: scholars in gardens, farmers at work, maidens in pavilion windows, and lovely vignettes of mountains, and rivers with bridges and boats. Silver toned chased brass hardware includes many butterfly hinges and lock plates. The locks themselves are unusual in that they are round and made of chased brass as well as copper in the... Click for details
item #1340192
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Antique Korean hardwood Chest
Antique Korean chest with original hardwood finish. Made with elm hardwood and adorned extensively with White brass hardware. Matched with a Korean fish lock and key. Side handles for easy handling. Interior lined in original paper. Early to Mid 19th century

Size: 35.5" L x 16.5" D x 25" H
item #1338789
Korean Keyaki Wood Bandaji Blanket Storage Chest
Beautiful simple Korean bandaji (blanket storage chest). Made of solid kayak (Elm) wood with dramatic natural wood grain. Gorgeous original iron hardware with large lock and hinges with cut out motifs. Hinged in the front for storage access. Early 20th century. Size: 28 1/2" high x 32" wide x 19 1/4" deep.
item #1337769
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Antique Korean Pair of Red Lacquer Cabinets with Inlay
Antique Korean matching pair of red lacquer cabinets, with elaborate inlaid designs adorning the full front and sides. Imagery of exotic birds, deer, and fish among a huge assortment of flowers can be seen throughout. Each cabinet is comprised of three sections : the top, bottom, and base stand; Styled in traditional Korean fashion with double hinged doors and large locks incised with the Double Happiness symbol. Interior is lined in red paper. Three drawers line the topmost section. Dated 19th... Click for details
item #1335382
Large Antique North Korean Bandaji
Large antique North Korean bandaji (blanket storage trunk). Lovely dark finish. Made with mixed woods including keyaki (elm) on the sides and top and a softer wood on front. Elaborate iron hardware especially on the front with lattice cut designs. The inside has three small elm wood drawers and a large open compartment. Early 19th century with original finish and condition Size: 31 3/4" high x 35" wide x 17 1/2" deep.
item #1330568
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