Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Japanese Buddhist Abbott's Folding Chair
Antique Japanese Buddhist abbot's oxbow arm folding chair. Made of red and gilt lacquer hardwood, with seat made of leather. The backrest has gilt lacquered panels with geometric motif carvings and pierced lingzhi carving, the reverse of the backrest marked with a triple mokko-mon (family crest). The edges of the chair are decorated in metal plating incised with motifs of chrysanthemums.

Dimensions: 32" L x 20" D x 37" H
item #1369730
Antique Japanese Kiri Ko-Tansu
Antique Japanese ko tansu (small chest of drawers), made of Kiri (paulownia) wood with original finish and condition. This piece holds three large drawers opened by hirute form black iron handles, the center locks of each drawer with chrysanthemum studs and raised motifs resembling the hirute handles. The right side of the tansu features a safe door covered heavily in iron plating, a small drawer above it, and two more drawers hidden away inside.

Meiji Period (1868-1912)... Click for details
item #1369541
Japanese Antique 2-Section Mulberry Cha Tansu
Japanese antique 2-section cha tansu (tea chest) made with dramatic mulberry burl wood. The top section has a large compartment covered with 4 sliding panels. Below this in the middle portion of the chest is a large display area. On the left is an open "S" shaped stepped shelf over two small drawers. On the right is another compartment which appears to float between open shelves above and below. This compartment has two sliding panels that curve outward. The bottom section has a large... Click for details
item #1369536
Japanese Antique Small Kannon Biraki Chest
Antique Japanese unusually small kannon biraki (hinged doors) tansu chest made of kiri (paulownia) wood. The top portion of the chest opens to reveal a compartment with a single shelf. The bottom portion has two exterior drawers. Elaborate iron hardware is like that of a larger kannon biraki chest and includes heavy hinges and cross bracing on the doors with an ivy leaf mon (crest).

Edo Period (early 1800's)

Dimensions: 16 1/4" high x 19 1/4" wide x 10" deep.
item #1369173
Rare Japanese Edo Keyaki Chobako
A rare and unusual Japanese cho bako ("cho" meaning small and "bako" meaning box). Made of Keyaki (elm) hardwood with its original lacquer finish. The upper region of the piece holds a pair of narrow sliding door panels, with a center locking pin to hold them securely shut, and vertical slats of branches. The middle region of the chest holds a large drawer, its corner hardware in motifs of raised seed pods, and its largest central lock plate a raised motif of flowers and leaves; The kakute... Click for details
item #1369049
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Antique Japanese Isho Tansu
Antique Japanese single section isho tansu (clothing chest of drawers). Made with Kiri (paulownia) and Sugi (cedar) woods with original finish. The chest holds 5 long drawers and 3 smaller side drawers, with hirute drawer pulls and rectangular iron locks.

Meiji period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 44.5" L x 16.75" D x 30.25" H
item #1368647
Antique Japanese Rootwood Burl Dibukuro
Antique Japanese small chest with drawers, called a dibukuro. Traditional Japanese homes hold a tea ceremony room with a tokonama, or a recessed closet/alcove in which pieces of artistic appeal would be displayed such as hanging scrolls, pottery, okimono and ikebana floral arrangements. The dibukuro would be seated on the floor of the tokonama. (shown in detail photos). The piece is constructed with Keyaki (elm/zelkova) burl wood, with its 4 book-matched sliding front panels and rustic natural... Click for details
item #1368560
Antique Japanese Red Lacquer Choba Tansu
Antique Japanese choba tansu (merchant chest of drawers) from the Kyoto region. The chest has an open shelved compartment, with a money slot on the bottom shelf that drops into the drawer below. With black iron warabite style handles on each drawer, 3 of which also have squared lock plates with chrysanthemum studs.

Edo Period (1603-1868)

Dimensions: 28" L x 16.75" D x 24.5" H
item #1367856
Japanese 9-Drawer Tansu with Fan Locks
Antique Japanese tansu from the Nigata area of Japan. Most likely used by a merchant for storage. The 9 drawers are in three rows with the shallowest drawers along the top and gradually getting deeper toward the bottom of the chest. The hardware is all of iron and includes elegant hirute shaped drawer pulls, fan shaped lock plates and corner bracing. The wood is paulownia (kiri) wood.

Edo Period (early 1800's)

Dimensions: 19 1/2" high x 31" wide x 19" deep.
item #1367810
Antique Japanese 6-Drawer Ko Tansu
Antique Japanese small personal tansu, or ko tansu, made with Hinoki (cedar) wood. The chest holds six drawers, each with round locks and kakute (squared) handles. The sides of the tansu also have iron handles for carrying. One side has a special 6 character chop branded into the wood.

Meiji Period (1868-1912)

Dimensions: 35" L x 16.5" D x 20.25" H
item #1367772
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