Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Pair of Chinese Jumu Oxbow Arm Chairs
Pair of antique Chinese hardwood oxbow arm chairs, made of Jumu (elm) wood. The backrest of each chair has been carved with a coiled dragon, facing opposite to the other. The front apron of each seat is carved with a nice sloping outer edge. The legs are connected on all sides by a stretcher.

Early 20th century

Dimensions: 24" L x 19" D x 40" H
item #1366394
Antique Chinese Buffet Cabinet
Antique Chinese hardwood buffet cabinet, with two sets of front swinging doors, each with round lock plates and hinges. The interior of each side holds a single middle shelf, with two small drawers below.

Republic Period

Dimensions: 69” L x 18” D x 34” H
item #1365901
Antique Chinese Gongshi Scholar Viewing Piece
A large Chinese gongshi, or scholar rock, highly appreciated as a contemplative viewing piece by literati. The piece is formed by natural elmwood root that has been lacquered, entangling a lingbi stone, originating from the Anhui province of China. Inset within a wooden base.

19th Century

Dimensions: 16" x 20.5" x 35" H
item #1365780
Price on Request
Antique Chinese Framed Heron and Lotus Painting
Large framed Chinese painting on silk ground, of two white herons crouching beneath lotuses and reeds, as a small hummingbird flies into frame from the top lefthand side. The painting is displayed within a bamboo style gilt hardwood edge frame.

18th/19th Century

Dimensions: 37" W x 60" H
item #1365540
Chinese Landscape Scroll Painting
Chinese landscape scroll painting, with accompanying calligraphy poem about different ways to escape the Summer heat, such as resting beneath a willow tree on the edge of the lake. Signed Huang Jun Bi (1898-1991), dated Summer of 1981. With three red chops.

Dimensions: 37" W x 84" H (entire scroll) 26.5" W x 53.5" H (artwork only)
item #1364282
Antique Chinese Jade Toggle
Antique Chinese jade toggle, hand-carved with craggy landscape scenes, scholars, willow trees, and temples. The natural coloration and form of the jade are well-utilized in the stylized carvings.

Piece dates from the 19th century beautifully carved from a jade river pebble. Dimensions: 2" W x 3"H
item #1363964
Chinese Porcelain Baby Boy Pillow
Incredibly charming Chinese porcelain pillow, in the form of a baby boy. He has darling features and is signed on the base with an old wax seal.

Republic Period

Dimensions : 11" L x 5.25" W
item #1363961
Incredible Large Chinese Blanc de Chine Quan Yin
A very large and dramatic Chinese blanc de chine statue of the Goddess of Compassion, Quan Yin. She has incredible realistic detail and form, with long draping robes. A willow sprig peeks out from under her headdress. In her hands, she holds a vial filled with the nectar of life, which she pours into the oceans of the world.

This listing is for the Quan Yin only. The Chinese Porcelain Rooster Pair is listed for sale # 1206509.

18th/19th Century

Dimensions: 14"... Click for details
item #1363900
Price on Request
Chinese 19th Century Pair of Large Stone Lions
Chinese antique pair of large stone lions (ShiShi) in dramatic traditional poses. The male lion has it's paw on the embroidered ball - when placed outside a buiding, this represents protection of the material structure. The female lion has it's paw on a playful cub - when placed outside a building, this represents protection of the building's occupants.

19th century

36" high x 13" wide x 20" deep.
item #1363899
Antique Chinese Silk Robe with Auspicious Symbols
Antique Chinese silk robe, made with light burgundy silk fabric, edged in gold embroidered silk. The backside is ornately hand-embroidered with auspicious objects and symbols within flaming rings. The central image is a large yin-yang outlined by gold embroidered scrolls. With some areas of wear.

Dimensions : 58" L x 47" H
item #1363571
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