Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Mahjong Table and Chairs Set
Antique Chinese mahjong table, made of mixed hardwoods, with four marble inlay chairs. Each side of the table holds a secret drawer hidden within.

19th century

Dimensions: 34.5" x 34.25" x 29.25" H (table) 19.5" L x 16" D x 37.25" H (chairs)
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Antique Chinese Scroll Painting of Daoist and Monkeys
Antique Chinese scroll painting, with Daoist monks, monkeys, and deer underneath a gnarled peach tree. A young Daoist monk holding a bamboo staff outstretches his arms as a helpful monkey drops peaches to him, while an immortal man rests calmly against a tree branch, observing two small deer. The imagery of the deer, the monkeys, and the peaches are representative of prosperity and longevity. Signed with two red chops.

Dimensions: 31" L x 74.5" H (entire scroll) 22" L x 45.75" H... Click for details
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Chinese Scroll Painting of Chickens and Gourds
Chinese scroll painting of a curious pair of chickens observing some gourds hanging overhead. With calligraphy, signed " Chen Wei with red chop.

Circa 1979

Dimensions: 21.5" L x 73" H (entire scroll) 13.5" L x 35.5" H (artwork only)
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Chinese Tang Dynasty Sandstone Buddhist Sutra Container
Important Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) sutra container from a San Francisco dealer who has been in business for over 40 years. This sutra container came to us as part of a group which belonged to the Avery Brundage Collection. There is a remnant of an old Brundage collector’s seal on the outside rim of the container as seen in the photographs.

This cylindrical design sutra would have had, at one point, a gilt copper roof, as evidenced by the beveled lip inside the rim on which the... Click for details
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Antique Chinese Scroll Painting of Fan Cards
Antique Chinese scroll painting of a realistic looking pile of old fan cards, one of them with the image of Quan Yin. This style is called "trompe l'oeil". Signed "Lei, Tian Yun" with red chop, and calligraphy dedicating the piece in Hong Kong. Circa 1960

Dimensions: 35" x 15.25" (entire scroll) 27.5" x 14.25" (artwork only)
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Antique Chinese Porcelain Gourd Vase
Antique Chinese porcelain vase, of a stylized gourd shape, the neck fluted into a dramatic flared lip with foliate edges. Scenes of playing children in a famille rose glaze color palette and sculpted beast head "handles" at the vase's sides. The large lower portion of the vase body has an inscription with three red chops, tapering into a short flaring foot with slightly recessed base and red four character mark.

Republic Period

Dimensions : 4.75" x 4.75" x 9"H
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Antique Chinese Porcelain Brush Washer
Antique Chinese porcelain brush washer, with ocean landscape scenes of boats on the water, and inscription on the backside with red chop. The foot is slightly recessed with unusual red mark. The brush washer is of a round form with flattened base and a wide mouth with a very short lip.

Republic period

Dimensions : 3.5" x 3.5" x 3" H
item #1360736
Antique Chinese Pair of Large Shiwan Goddesses
Antique Chinese pair of Large Shiwan ware goddess statues. These wares originated out of kilns in the Shiwanzhen subdistrict within the city of Foshan, going as far back as the Neolithic period. Each goddess mirrors the form of the other, holding a large vase above their heads, on a cloud pedestal with a small deer at their sides as a symbol of longevity. Each statue is pigmented with deep navy blue, robin's egg blue, beige, and white underglazes with some areas left bare.

18th/19th... Click for details
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Antique Chinese Carved Lingzhi Bench with Marble
Antique Chinese bench, made of Hongmu and other mixed woods. Inset with marble headrests. The underside is carved with motifs of scrolling lingzhi mushrooms, and its sides are carved with scrolling key frets. Very heavy. With bamboo mat seat cover.

Size: 79" L x 43.5" D x 42" H
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Antique Chinese Scroll Painting of Crane and Pine
Antique Chinese scroll painting of a crane and pine tree, with calligraphy "dedicated to Zhonghua, Summer of (1930 or 1870)" , signed Chen Xi with two red chops.

Size: 22" x 60" H (entire scroll), 18.75" x 51" H (artwork only)
item #1360017
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