Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Antique Chinese Landscape Hand Scroll signed Yi Long
Chinese hand scroll painted with landscape scenes, ink on paper. The first panel has a bold calligraphy preface signed with two red chops. The central panel is the longest with misty landscapes, signed Yi Long with three red chops. The last panel with small calligraphy inscription and three red chops. Scroll includes silk lined storage box.

Circa 1880-1890

Dimensions: 180" overall length x 11"
item #1395536
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Antique Chinese Scroll Painting of 100 Birds
Antique Chinese scroll painting of 100 birds, swooping, fighting, sleeping, and eating insects in and around a gnarled tree and rocks. Painted in ink on paper, signed and with two seals. Dates from 19th century or older.

Dimensions: Total size: 83" high x 38 1/2" wide (41 1/2" wide including ends). Size of artwork: 62" high x 35" wide
item #1395406
Chinese Collection of Seven Repousse Silver Fruits
A collection of seven types of fruits including mango, persimmon, pomegranate and cherry, star fruits all finely rendered with leaves and branches, hand crafted in repousse silver with hyperealism. Fruit to be displayed with the wish for fertility as they are known for holding many seeds.

Republic period

Dimensions: range from 2 1/2" - 12" long
item #1395133
Pair of Monumental Chinese Temple Fu Dog Corbels
A monumental pair of Chinese hardwood temple corbels, finely carved as a pair of fu dogs and their offspring. Each adult fu dog stands on their front legs with the rear legs pointed upwards, so that they would press against the ceiling. The front legs are balanced atop a floral xiu qiu ball, and a rambunctious baby fu dog clings by its claws to the ball. With small traces of pigments. Mounted for display on museum quality steel bases.

Early 19th Century

Dimensions:... Click for details
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Chinese 6-panel Coromandel Hardwood Screen with Inlaid Jade
Antique Chinese 6-panel coromandel screen made of hardwood, possibly zitan. Inlaid with scholar items carved of various hardwoods and jade. All panels fit together with the original hooks and pins. In beautiful condition.

19th century

Dimensions: 77" high x 96" long
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Chinese Antique Ruyi Carved Hardwood Tall Table
Antique Chinese tall carved altar table made of hardwood with burl. Ornately carved with highly raised pierced ruyi motif. Dates from late 19th century to early 20th century

Dimensions: 41 1/2" high x 90" long x 17 1/2" deep.
item #1394650
Antique Chinese Bamboo Altar Table
Chinese altar table constructed of hardwood and bamboo with original red lacquer finish. The woven bamboo creates openwork motifs of geometric design from all sides. Dates from late 19th c to early 20th c.

Dimensions: 80" L x 16 1/2" D x 35 1/2" H
item #1394616
Antique Chinese Carved Coffer Cabinet
Chinese hardwood coffer cabinet, with relief carvings throughout of floral motifs with pigments. The front of the cabinet holds three drawers, opened by brass pulls. The sides and apron of the cabinet are carved with openwork foliate scrolls.

Dimensions: 51 3/4" x 17 1/2" x 33 3/4"
item #1394478
Antique Chinese Hardwood Cabinet
Chinese hardwood cabinet made with Jumu (elm) or "chicken wing" wood and brass pulls and mounts. The double front doors showcase the dramatic natural grain. Behind each set of doors are a red lacquered interior with single shelving. The mid section of the cabinet holds two drawers that open with auspicious lucky bat handles.

19th century

Dimensions: 24" L x 15" D x 70" H
item #1394373
Chinese Antique Rutilated Quartz Snuff Bottle
Antique Chinese ovoid shaped snuff bottle carved of rutilated quartz. Clear quartz crystal dense with black needles. With orange agate lid.

Late 19th Century

Dimensions: 2 1/4" high (not including lid)
item #1393977
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