Zentner Collection: Antique Japanese Tansu, Asian Works of Art
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Chinese Pierced Monochrome Porcelain Brushpot with Cranes
Chinese monochrome porcelain brush pot in a Turkish blue color underglaze, with reticulated carved scenes of cranes and pine branches against a ground of stylized lingzhi clouds and ocean waves. The base with six character Qianlong cartouche.

1890 - 1910 (pre Republic)

Dimensions: 7 1/2" w x 7 3/4" h
item #1402722
Antique Chinese Squared Porcelain Planter w/ Base
Chinese porcelain planter in a squared form tapering slightly towards the base, incised with imagery of birds perching, grapes and coiling vines, blooming flowers against a yellow enamel ground. The upper and lower part of the planter with bands of archaic scrolls in cobalt blue. The rim has red floral scrolling motifs. The base is marked "China" in red. With dense carved wooden stand of an inverted lotus form.

Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 6" x 6" h (10 1/4" x 7 1/2" x 8 1/4" h on base)
item #1402675
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Chinese Monochrome Peking Glass Vase
Beautiful Chinese Peking Glass octagonal faceted turquoise vase from a San Francisco Collection.

Dates 19th/early 20th century

Dimensions: 7.75" X 4"

Peking glass originated in 18th century China during the rule of the Qing Dynasty. While China had long been a major producer of glassware, the introduction of European technologies to Asia in the 17th century caused a shift in the styles of Chinese glass makers. The principle couriers of these technologies were... Click for details
item #1402602
Rare Chinese Dingyao Porcelain Molded Floral Bowl
Rare Chinese eggshell thin Dingyao porcelain bowl, the interior molded with relief details of scrolling chrysanthemums and leaves. The sides of the bowl flare widely from the small and shallow foot and the rim left unglazed.

Provenance: historic Noble family in North Berkeley, whose grandparents were missionaries in Korea in the 19th century.

Dimensions: 7" W x 2 1/2" H
item #1402601
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Antique Chinese Shufu Ware Ceramic Bowl
Shufu is a rare Chinese white porcelain that was made during the Yuan dynasty (1206-1368) in Hutian village just outside the city of Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province. Thought to be the first known porcelain ordered by imperial officials. The body of the ware is covered with a soft, white, bluish opaque glaze similar to qingbai, but contained less calcium oxide resulting in slight translucency rather than transparency. The bases are unglazed and the paste is of the typical early natural porcelain... Click for details
item #1402598
Silver Chinese Perfumer
Chinese repousse silver perfumer shaped like a melon. It is divided into 6 sections with tiny flowers on a vine in each section. Clasp in back. Bottom has maker's cartouche.

Dimensions: 3"(including stem) X 3.25"
item #1402593
Antique Chinese Ding Ware Celadon Bowl
Chinese eggshell thin ding ware porcelain bowl, with celadon crackle glaze that ends just below the rim, left in bare porcelain. Inside the bowl, the well has a deeply incised outline contrasting with the inner walls of the bowl. The outer edges of the bowl are carved with delicate floral scrolls.

Song Dynasty

Dimensions: 6 3/4" w x 2 1/2" h
item #1402387
Antique Chinese Small White Crackle Vase
Chinese small porcelain vase with elegant long neck and "garlic head" form top. The body is fired with white crackle underglaze, the rim of the vase in dark brown glaze. Song style

19th/20th century Dimensions: 3" W x 4 1/2" H
item #1402201
Antique Chinese Two Colored Peking Glass Vase
Chinese peking glass vase made from layers of white and red colored glass, where the red glass is carved away to create relief imagery of blossoming flowers on branches and a dragonfly buzzing overhead.

Dates 20th cventury Dimensions: 4 1/2" W x 9" H
item #1402198
Antique Chinese Jade Carving of Lingzhi Sprigs
Chinese carved white jade with orange coloration areas, in the form of a bunch of lingzhi mushroom sprigs. The lingzhi symbolizes good health and longevity, as depicted in the imperial Forbidden City and Summer Palace. It is a talisman for luck in traditional Chinese culture, and the goddess Guanyin is sometimes depicted holding a lingzhi sprig. Provenance: Howard Caplain Estate

Dates 19th century Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 1"
item #1402195
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